Chinese GPU miners hogging up of graphics cards has finally pushed me to do some tests that I’ve been putting off for years now, i.e. to test the word processors Microsoft Word vs LibreOffice Writer. I have checked several open source processors and/or office products over the past 20++ years, but none really ‘Felt’ as good to me as Microsoft Word. Full Office products are wasted on me since I really only use the word processors.

Part 1:

Make no mistake…I basically know nothing about word processors beyond two-finger typing ‘n some copying ‘n pasting, i.e. forget trying to do much with settings ‘n such. Recently, I have been using Microsoft Word to type up my blog posts, and then paste them into my blog. For some reason that causes like a double-space (??) between paragraphs and I then need to go thru the pasting ‘n do a single-backspace (??) between each of those paragraphs. Probably some setting to fix that in either Word or in, but am not going to spend time trying to fix such a minor issue to me.

I have a 3-license Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 DVD, but have grown tired of the hassle that Microsoft puts me thru every time I ‘Retire’ one computer ‘n build a new computer. I paid a fair price for their product ‘n resent being put thru hoops in order to install one of the licenses onto a new computer – *AFTER* removing it from a ‘Retired’ computer! Sorry if some people try to cheat them, but I paid money for those 3-licenses…paid their asking price!

The other day I purchased a Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 CD Key for $33.46 from URcdkey. Sorta a double-test to see how something like that would work ‘n also to avoid the hassle of legally using one of my *OWN* 3-licenses for Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 to install on new ‘CM130’ build. It was definitely worth $33.46 to avoid that hassle!!!

That was one project I have been thinking on since discovering that URcdkey sold such a Microsoft product. I had purchased 5 WIN10 Pro OEM Keys from them, without any problems with activation, and wanted to see how it worked with Microsoft Office. It was a little different.

Had to sign into my Microsoft Account (aka MS Account)…I never install WIN10 Pro when connected to the internet, just to avoid creating or signing into a MS Account. I created that account years ago – don’t even remember when – and only sign into it when occasionally needed…then sign out. URcdkey shows How to do It. Microsoft also offers a How to – I went to the “Install Office for the first time” section of that same Link. Then a popup:


I had already signed in, so that popup was just looking for the $33.46 product key I had purchased…after entering the product key it automatically downloads and installs MS Office Home & Student 2016. Make sure you do all this on the computer you want it on, of course.

The new ‘CM130’ build now has an activated legal copy of MS Office Home & Student 2016 on it…project completed ‘n successful!

Part 2:

I’ve been piddling with LibreOffice for a few months now and had finally reached a point for some testing of it on my blog.

Already knew that LibreOffice could be installed on WIN10 Pro, but just wasn’t ready to move on from an ole faithful word processor like MS Word, especially when I still had 3-licenses for Office 2007 – two being used. Now I also had an OEM Office 2016 license for the ‘CM130’ computer. Still, LibreOffice offered freedom from aggravating licenses that needed Microsoft’s approval for activation and/or re-activation…even when you purchased that product from them.

Over the past few months I have become accustomed to the Look ‘n Feel of LibreOffice Writer, and also impressed by its advances over the past two years.

It seemed to handle the gigabytes of my old .doc files and the newer .docx ones with ease, and also eliminated my worries about having to convert all my old MS Office files. Doesn’t seem to be a need or reason to convert those gigabytes of MS Office Word files – old or new. Just realized that the other day when I was searching for some software to convert .doc/.docx files to the .odt format files.

Another thing that had worried me about moving full time to LibreOffice Writer was possible compatibility issues of it with and/or its two editors – Block & Classic:

BTW, I never use the blog’s “My Home” to start a post or edit or anything…I have bookmarked the “WP Admin” at the bottom of this pic:

I do everything from WP Admin page, which also offers options for avoiding the Block Editor. Still, just in case WordPress totally eliminates the Classic Editor option, I have tested Microsoft Word’s copy ‘n paste into the Block Editor. Works with no problems, other than the terrible Look ‘n Feel of the Block Editor…terribly slow also!

OK…I need to move to one of my Fedora USB’s – ‘CM130’ is now my main test computer ‘n I have a SanDisk Ultra USB hanging on the wall just for quick testing on any machine, and LibreOffice is already installed.

Part 3:

With most of my concerns about LibreOffice already resolved, I am now ready to test how well Writer works with my blog, and its Block Editor ‘n Classic Editor.

Just a reminder – Microsoft Word is my 1rst choice for a word processor, but Microsoft keeps moving into the future, and ‘Da Cloud’. Microsoft Word might not be around in its present day desktop form much longer…fact it, Microsoft has been selling – ORrenting its future version of Office for some time now. Thusly, humble me is prepping my word processor options…heck, ‘Antec Jr.’ is going to be a difficult *MAIN* computer to replace, but when I do replace it I don’t plan on installing Microsoft Office on it.

I have a WordPress blog for testing stuff on, e.g. it was first created for testing the Block Editor; however, since it is just for testing I never “Launched” it. That’s where I have been testing LibreOffice Writer.

Haven’t reached the actual point of typing up a full post on Writer yet…OK, hold on a sec.

One of the ‘Thangs that has bugged me about Writer were two symbol looking ‘tHiNgIeS’ where the prompt for typing was. Have already mentioned that I don’t know anything about word processor settings ‘n such, but forgot to mention that I also don’t know any terminology either…so “prompt” might not be what I’m talking about. It blinks. It’s just a word processor to me…something that helps correct spelling…something that always tells me my “grammar” is wrong…great tool, but not a tool I am interested in knowing all the workings of.

Anyway, I just got rid of those two distracting symbols…under “View” I just unchecked the “Text Boundaries.” I like a clean look to my word processor, and LibreOffice Writer has/had a dirty busy distracting look. However, have slowly been cleaning it up ‘n getting that “Text Boundaries” off the page may have been the last ‘cleaning’ step I needed to do. GggggrrrrrREAT!!!

As my main computer ‘Antec Jr.’ gets a lot of work and it also has MS Office H&S 2007 on it so all of my blogging happens there w/ MS Word. Am not going to put two different word processors together so Writer is going to test documents that get pasted into it from original Word documents…on another computer.

The tests are going great ‘n LibreOffice Writer has actually been doing a better job at pasting text into a WordPress Post or Page than Word does. Writer’s pastes come out with the correct single-space between paragraphs, on either Block Editor or Classic Editor.

LibreOffice Writer has passed all my tests…basically the same as MS Word (too me), but with better single-space (between paragraphs) pasting accuracy into WordPress editors than MS Word.

(NOTE: I call the space above this paragraph to the paragraph above a single-space, but MS Word pasting into WordPress has two spaces there instead of one…or whatever the terminology for such is.)


Am not going to wipe my 3 installed MS Office H&S copies off of their computers, but am not going to try and reactivate the 3rd license that was on the now ‘Retired’ ‘Antec Sr.’ computer. As those 3 computers w/ licenses get retired or replaced or gutted for parts I will not reactivate those licenses…just not worth the hassle after seeing the excellent job that LibreOffice Writer can do. I have 2-3 more computers w/o MS Office on their WIN10 Pro copies, and will install the full LibreOffice onto them.

Impressive! Too bad the open source community can’t come up with a real Desktop operating system…well, maybe Android is one, but it seems more suited for mobile devices than an actual desktop environment. Also, for those who like old computers ‘n hardware, I have heard that Linux works great on those. I like Linux as a 2nd OS…also as a USB portable and/or rescue OS.

Now…let me go to another computer, with Fedora ‘n LibreOffice on it, and see if they can put the post on WordPress.

  • Great! Just did a quick scan ‘n looks like LibreOffice handled it without any problems!
  • Another scan shows double-lines under links!? Definitively don’t like that look! Maybe Writer isn’t ready…oh well!?
  • OK…that seems to be caused when Writer opens a Word file, and then pastes it into WordPress. At the top of this post – Microsoft Word vs LibreOffice Writer – I had to delete “LibreOffice Writer,” and then write it again ‘n link it to remove the double-lines & blue text ‘n underline format (?!?). Here they are with Writer format and links: Microsoft Word vs LibreOffice Writer

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