Linux use to be able to claim that it was “a secure Operating System” – only because of its extremely small user base, which has remained stuck between 1.28% to 2+% of Worldwide Market Share for decades. Seemed no one was interested in creating malware or viruses or backdoor targets or hacking into or etcetera for Linux or its kernel; however, those days have been gone for years, and Linux advocates still don’t understand what is happening (for whatever reasons) or they are in denial.

I’ve been following Linux News sources closely since starting this blog back in January of 2019…at some point I noticed those sources were loaded with security issue news about Linux. I created the *Linux Security Issues* page around December of 2019. Could run a fulltime blog on the total lack of security in ‘n around Linux, but am not interested in devoting that much time to a blog. Here’s today’s “Linux News” from Google…that will be updated throughout the day by Google.

Here’s just one – Linux Kernel Found With High Severity Privilege Escalation Bugs:

London-based Positive Technologies discovered five root-level vulnerabilities introduced through virtual socket implementation in the Linux kernel, which, if exploited, could lead to data theft, execution of administrator-level commands, as well as malware deployment.

Here’s another involving the Linux kernel – Linus Torvalds pushes out emergency Linux update:

In a break from tradition, Linux kernel head honcho Linus Torvalds has published the newest release earlier than usual to address a filesystem corruption issue in the previous release.

Torvalds noted that last week’s v5.12-rc1 broke the swapfile in an unusual way that could trash the entire filesystem on certain installations. Before he put out the update to correct that issue, Torvalds marked the previous release as v5.12-rc1-dontuse to ward off anyone from using that particular release in their Linux machines.

Run a search for “linux kernel” and you’ll find kernel security issues over ‘n over again ‘n again. That’s just on the kernel!?! Here are a few links on malware:

 Recently, I have been noticing an increase in serious problems with the actual Linux kernel…something bad is going on, and the Linux elites are not revealing the total truth, IMHO. Microsoft knew this was a problem when they ignored using any Linux Distro and just created their own – Azure Sphere OS.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!