An impressive Specialty Linux Distro that amazes me every time I test a new version of it! Has been listed on Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros page for as long as or longer than any other Distro I’ve tested.

Am not sure how to review this new Release, i.e. the testing hasn’t gone as smoothly as usual, but some of the Changes can’t be ignored, and I believe its heading into a new ‘n positive direction. Just a reminder, I am no expert on Linux and/or on any web security methods…am more of a hobbyist.

Taking into account that I found Kodachi 8.0 to be a tad ‘buggy’ here ‘n there, e.g. had difficulty with GParted, something seemed off with persistence, and at times it would logout on its own (several times when trying to install it??). However, it might actually be a good time to try Kodachi 8.0 right now during these recent changes, especially if you’ve been looking for an easy to use privacy ‘n anonymity Distro.

A lot of the problems seemed to have been with Rufus and Universal USB Installer (UUI) created USB boot media. Most everything improved when I used balenaEtcher to create the USB boot media.  In the past tests of Kodachi releases I had almost always used UUI without any problems.

  • Note: I used Linux test machines ‘Rose‘ and ‘CM130‘ for these tests…

But enough of the negatives…let me start with this new Desktop:

I’ve always had difficulty moving around a Xfce desktop, but the Kodachi developers tweak it so it’s very manageable. And the new wallpaper fits a “new ‘n positive direction” that I mentioned earlier. I used the “High Contrast” for a lighter ‘n sharper DE appearance, IMHO. Yes, a “new ‘n positive direction” with a lighter ‘n sharper ‘Feel’ to it!   😉

That little green-looking shield on the left side of the Cairo-Dock opens a new Kodachi Dashboard:

Too advanced for me, but looks very handy for someone who would know what they are doing. That Cairo-Dock has also been lightened, but somehow remains loaded with all kinds of software. It was too busy for me to work in before…I got lost! 😉

Even the status ‘n connections ‘n locations section on the right side seemed more automated to me, e.g. the Security Score of “75/100” seemed to adjust by itself:

  • A note: I couldn’t find the old app (?) for manually checking the Security Score…also couldn’t find the “Install Kodachi Online” icon choice.

That VPN IP in the Netherlands and TOR connection in Switzerland would change automatically…something about that entire area has improved. More automated?!?

Heck, the browsers didn’t even seem to know where I was located at times!  😉  I’d do a search ‘n the page would load in Polish or some other language!? You can switch to the English view tho. I do believe security has actually improved in this version – OR – made easier to work with, even for a novice.

I’ve liked the speed of Kodachi installed onto an SSD for some time now, but that isn’t as “secure” as Mr. Warith Al Maawali advices.  😉  It is definitely fast on SSD tho!

Be sure to check out the entire Linux Kodachi site for tips, great screenshots, setting up security, installing, etc. Some of the info may be old, but to do it right follow this *Page* especially.

(Update: post has now been added to the Kodachi Linux page…)

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!