I have a bunch of posts falling behind and/or gone forever…here’s an update on this Previous Post.

LibreOffice Writer isn’t good enough to be my word processor of choice…I just want an easy to use word processor that can copy ‘n paste reliably. I want to be able to add “*” before ‘n after a word, and then make it all in BOLD, e.g. *BOLD*. LibreOffice Writer may offer that option also, but I’m not going to spend hours trying to find out how.

So I just purchased another Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 CD Key for $33.46 from URcdkey ‘n installed it here on the ‘Apevia‘ computer.

The more I used LibreOffice Writer the more problems I found…clearly, there are many many many reasons why an Open Source Office Suite has never been able to challenge Microsoft Office. I’m definitely a novice at word processors, but I know for a fact that Microsoft Word has been easy for me to use – even as a novice!

Heck, this WordPress Block Editor is easier than LibreOffice Writer to use – am using Block Editor for this post.

This new MS Office Home & Student 2016 doesn’t have the Microsoft Office Picture Manager, but I have found that the free Adobe Photoshop Express does a good job of replacing the Office Picture Manager. I couldn’t find a decent Open Source replacement…I use GIMP as always, but it doesn’t handle what I need the other two for.

This won’t get “Sticky” post status since I want to put out some more posts soon…may move all my planned Distro reviews to just quick logs in Karmi’s Daily Blog Log…yeah, that will work!

Oh, as far as spending $33.46 on the Microsoft Office product…the American Gov’t has humble me covered:

American Gov’t will be depositing my 3rd stimulus check tomorrow ($1,400).

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get! (Note: LibreOffice Writer had problems copying that simple Tagline ‘n then pasting it in Writer!?!?)