Day 4 on the WordPress $300 Business plan. Besides being ‘Lighter in the Wallet’ it doesn’t feel a whole lot different than the Free plan…well, the 200 GB’s of storage space is definitely a lot better than the 3 GB’s on the Free plan – plus I now get to use the Classic Editor again. However, I did re-Activate the Gutenberg editor, testing various settings mainly, but to also use if I want to…Classic Editor remains my default editor.

Personally, I have no use for the WordPress $48 a year Personal nor the $96 a year Premium plans, since it’s looking like I can get a *LOT* better deal at another Hosting site (like free plugins, Classic Editor, 50GB to unlimited storage space, etc.). For example, DreamHost’s Shared Starter plan (50 GB storage) is on sale @ a Three year plan price of $2.59 a month = $31.08 times three years = $93.24. Renewal price after three years is @ $5.99 a month…at the three year renewal rate, I think (?!?). $215. 64 for three years, for their base plan. I believe that’s how it works, but will not swear to it!  😉

Remember, humble me is just a novice at this, which is why I decided to slow down and pay $300 a year to WordPress in order to learn more. Also, if you want to use the Automatic Migration plugin to move from WordPress, the Personal and Premium  plans don’t accept plugins, so a move for them is done manually…it works, but you also work a lot harder. If you know ‘n understand all yore WordPress settings then manually wouldn’t be too difficult…besides, you get a trial period to see if you can do it.

I posted about my first experience in the ‘Web Hosting – what’s involved in moving or upgrading yore Blog ‘n Plan?’ post, and this post is also headed to the Web Hosting Info ‘n Ideas page. DreamHost refunded my money immediately- minus the costs of a freebie they had given (like $5-). Fastest refund I have ever seen!!!

I could’ve probably made my attempted manual moves at DreamHost work the other night, but I didn’t know (or forgot actually) about Appearance >> Menus and Headers and Site Identity, etc. When tweaking my own site last night, I discovered how the Bottom Header Menu worked w/ my Rowling’s Theme. It’s already been worth the $300 to learn more about my settings ‘n stuff.

That $300 is money well spend already! Great topic to post about, and have even made a series out of it, for the page. I could probably get at least a partial refund from WordPress if I switched to another Host at this point, but am planning to test other Hosts besides DreamHost before my year is up. Test their Automatic Migration plugin ‘n then test how quickly their refund works, test test test ‘n etc.

Some brief email snippet exchanges:

snip … Migrating from can be tricky due to their hosting limitations. If you are not using at least a business plan, does not allow you to install 3rd party plugins to be able to migrate the site as-is. If that is not an option, then the only way to migrate the site over would be to manually import the xml from then manually re-install plugins, the theme, and re customize the theme.

snip … If you are using a business plan, we should be able to get your site migrated over as-is without issue. If you are using a plan that does not allow 3rd party plugins, then it would not be possible to migrate the site as-is due to limitations.

snip … Those are the promotions for new accounts, in this case, you may need to open a new account by using a different email address so you can be eligible for those promos, basic Dreampress plan for 1 year will have a total cost of $203.40 and DreamPress Plus Yearly $299.40.

That last snippet is on more of the managed type of plan. The more research I do the more chance I have at finding a great plan for between $100-150 a year, after the first three years.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!