My experiment with moving to LibreOffice ‘n Open Source Software failed pretty quickly – LibreOffice Writer is a terrible word processor for a novice like me, but some other Open Source software are OK. However, I am also finding plenty of free non-commercial software like IrfanView and Adobe Photoshop Express that are so much better than similar Open Source apps.

  • Brief note ‘n update: something is wrong with Firefox, the last 2 versions (87 & 88) and the 89 Beta are messed up. For example, changes I make to a post here in Chrome show up immediately in Edge ‘n Waterfox, but may take days to show in Firefox. MORE.

My recent purchase of Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 CD Key for $33.46 from URcdkey is doing OK, but MS Office 2007 is a lot better, IMHO. Just got tired of having to be interrogated by Microsoft each time I wanted to reinstall one of my 3 legal MS Office 2007 licenses.

Today, I’m testing WPS Office’s Writer … not bad, but already had a weird hyperlink problem. Probably caused by me so won’t go into it right now. Overall, the WP Office’s free Writer is about the same as MS Office 2016’s Word, IMHO.

They say there are ads in this free version, but I haven’t seen any – *OR* – just didn’t recognized them as ads if I did. Am using  WPS Office’s Writer for this post.

WPS Office’s Writer doesn’t do the LibreOffice ODF file format, which may be a problem, e.g. am not sure if I want to have 3 word processors.  😉  I do test Linux, so a word processor that does both ODF ‘n DOCX is probably more suited for what I’m trying to do. Actually, 2 word processors is OK, but would rather find just one that I like ‘n can do it all.

Checked out the ZOHO Writer this morning, but its one of those “online” ‘tHiNgIeS’ that I have no use for. Thought maybe it could be used as a replacement editor for the WP Classic Editor, i.e. info says you can use it to post directly into your WordPress blog; however, I quickly gave up on testing it. I like my word processor/s installed on the computer…

There’s a paid version of this also, but way too much for something (MS Office 2016) I can get from URcdkey for half of that $80 one-time charge…or just use this free version ‘n pay nothing.  😉  Besides, I have at least a few more Open Source suites to check out, plus some others I found this morning.

WPS Office’s Writer has a nice ‘Feel’ to it ‘n for the most part seems smooth ‘n easy. If I ever find the exact one I like, I may start a page on the search for a Word Processor to replace MS Office’s Word, and include posts like this.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!