Am testing the Apache OpenOffice Writer today ‘n it has a great ‘Feel‘ about it! Some history from Wikipedia. Easy to move around in ‘n also to find most settings that I need to change. A little copy ‘n paste issue that seems to show up at times, but other than that it has been a pretty good word processor for a novice like me.

Am using it for this post, and have also removed LibreOffice from this computer since Apache OpenOffice Writer is handling the .odt files…well, other than an annoying popup for .odt files that were created in LibreOffice:

It is up-to-date, but keeps looking anyway (?!). Couldn’t find a setting to turn that popup off, but I didn’t create many .odt files with LibreOffice, so I shouldn’t see that popup very often.

Apache OpenOffice Writer seems to have a familiarity about it, so I may have used one of the earlier versions of it, e.g. Lotus SmartSuite or maybe (OOo)?

Has the same copy ‘n paste issue that I had with LibreOffice…weird that it comes ‘n goes!? Will also keep looking for a better word processor to replace MS Office Word, since I am also unhappy with the newer versions of it. May end up with some combo of WPS Office ‘n Apache OpenOffice, but would really like to find just one that suited me.

Lot of downloads of Apache OpenOffice this week:

That “354,254” number was from yesterday. Definitely less problematic than LibreOffice, but the copy ‘n paste issue is erratic ‘n troublesome…everything else seems OK, but will run it thru more tests over the next few days.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!