Looks like SoftMaker lets you use TextMaker “Free” for a couple of days ‘n then they throw their advertising onto it.

That ruins the “clean look” I mentioned in the FreeOffice ‘n its TextMaker word processor! post yesterday.

No wonder Microsoft has so easily ruled the ‘Software Arena’ for decades. Sorry, SoftMaker, but you just ain’t worth paying for or subscribing to. Besides, I can get another Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 CD Key for $33.46+- from URcdkey ‘n its definitely better overall.

I tried to get rid of that sidebar >> View > Sidebar > Hide which worked for a couple days, but apparently those days are over now. Ran a brief search, and some forum said that you can’t “Hide” the sidebar permanently in FreeOffice. I dunno

Anyway, I may keep looking for another word processor to try ‘n replace MS Office Word with, but am seriously having my doubts at this point. Heck, just found out that MS WordPad can open .odt files, and it comes free wid WIN10. May test it to see what it can do…Ditto on the heck, I just need an easy word processor for a novice. Probably keep TextMaker for now, as my secondary word processor.

There are many many many *MANY* reasons why Microsoft stays #1. Simply put, it is the best at what it does…

BTW, this may be more bad news for the entire Open Source Community – WSLg Architecture. Remember WSL, maybe also a WSL 1 (?), a WSL 2 and now I am hearing about this WSLg. Maybe Microsoft can get the basic Wheel Mouse to actually work in Linux.


OK…now to some exciting news!


Even GPU shortages haven’t stopped me from planning on a new GeForce 30 Series GPU in the future, and I’ve been wanting to see if the GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER™ (two fans) that was in ‘Apevia’ would fit into new mini-ITX build ‘CM130’ and it did! So I pulled the GeForce GTX 1660 XC (one fan) that was in ‘Rose‘ ‘n put it into ‘Apevia’. That GeForce GTX 1660 XC was too wide to fit into the ‘CM130’ computer (has a Cooler Master Elite 130 case). Put the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC 4GB into the ‘Rose’ computer.

I was sharing 3 computers on the 24” ViewSonic monitor, and wanted to use that monitor more often *IF* the GPU’s could be switched. Since the GPU switch worked, I also switched monitor locations on the 2 secondary monitors.

With that successfully done, I then moved ‘CM130’ to the top of ‘Antec Jr.’ where they can now both share the 24” ViewSonic monitor. They are now on the far right hand side of me ‘n ‘Da Desk, and that seems to be a great area to work in…next to the main working area where ‘Apevia’ is.

CM130’ will mainly be a Linux computer now, sitting on-top of ‘Antec Jr.’, and I won’t need to slide out the ‘Mobile Cart’ as often now.

Have been testing fewer Linux Distros recently – Linux is such a terrible Desktop OS, and it is mainly just a ‘Specialty’ OS. Fine by me, since I love its portability, and install my Top 5 Favorite ones permanently to USB’s. Besides, most Distros are made for ‘Password Dependent’ OS users, and those Distros are controlled by the ‘Linux Nanny’ who forces the annoying “Authenticate” popup or other ‘Pesky Passwords’ onto all users. I am strictly a Fulltime Linux Root User on all my *OWN* computers.

May soon add another post to the Progressions of the Linux Newbie Blog page, but am not quite sure what the ‘Change of Direction’ is going to be yet.

OK…everything is working again, and now the ViewSonic can get more usage. Switch of GPU’s is barely noticeable, except on benchmarks. Have added this post to the Office Suites ‘n Word Processors page…

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!