I purchased two Chromebooks with the intent of seriously experimenting on one. I was going to test them both to see if I liked the 12.2” or 14” display the best, but that Samsung 12.2″ Plus V2 XE521QAB-K01 isn’t going to be here until Monday (14th), and I outta patience with Google’s hidden BIOS ‘n stuff!!! 


  • 06/12/2021 – UPDATE: Removed most everything – including the MoBo, and found no write protect screw anywhere. Also tested it after all the screws were removed, and same thing/s was/were happening. During tests I kept seeing something about another chip that was like a ‘secondary’ (??) write protection ‘area‘ so I’m thinking that its gonna require a command (software) instead of a screw (hardware), but I dunno. This HP Chromebook is much better built than my Acer laptop, IMHO, and was easier to work in – tho still a pain.  😉  Lots of info on write protection that is a few years or more old, so maybe when ‘end of support‘ (AKA – Auto Update policy) happens, in 4 years for this laptop, they’ll have more info. However, Linux isn’t a Desktop/Laptop OS for regular users, so I doubt I’d ever install it onto any of my computers permanently. Until Chromebooks offer a more open option for switching OSes, I’d stick with a Windows 10 Pro laptop which will allow Linux to be booted from a USB through your Boot Menu (see Linux ‘n USB Flash Drives page)…you can find them w/ more ram ‘n better storage drives for $50-100 more @ the right time. Maybe $100-150 more with Windows 10 Pro on it. Chrome OS is great, but all these new owners are going to be upset when they find out there will be no updates in 2-4 years; however, if they bought it with a new Release Date that offers 7-8 years, they would be happy. Google is offering a Total Package, consisting of hardware, software, security, etc. so they are still new at the sudden popularity of their product, and still need to make adjustments. BTW, a write protection screw looks like this:


  • See the splits in that ‘screw hole‘? When a screw is inserted then a connection is made. Also, eBay had ‘Nonmarking, nonconductive pry tool‘ set for $6.25 total (free shipping ‘n no tax) so I bought one…in this pic, note the little triangle looking ones – they might be best – or at least better than the putty knife I used last night.  😉 


I have used crouton, Crostini, Developer Mode, turned on Linux (Beta) mode, Ctrl + Alt + F2 to the tty console, Ctrl +Alt + t to the Chrome browser terminal, coreboot, SeaBIOS, ROM Download, tried installing the John Lewis RW_LEGACY, BOOT_STUB, tried MrChromebox.tech, and at least 100 other options.

Nothing has worked, other than a lot of those attempts said I needed to disable write protection, and that ‘that might involve removing a screw that is located somewhere on the motherboard’ … Er, OK!?

  • Remember, humble me is a Newbie and/or a Novice … mainly just doing a little testing of stuff ‘n then blogging about it as a sorta record.

I’ve worked with all kinds of tools in my lifetime, and never heard of a “Nonmarking, nonconductive pry tool” before today. Do you know what would happen if you were on the 4th floor of a big construction site (in the rough-in stage) and shouted down for someone to send up a Nonmarking, nonconductive pry tool?

Anyway, here are some pics of what ‘it’ looks like:

There are 100’s of different looking ones, and I am tired of waiting!  😉

  • What you say – Use a “Nonmarking, nonconductive pry tool!?!?” – FukDat! Give me the Wrecking Bar, stand back, Ima goin’ in!!!

Will add this to the Chromebooks page…

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!