For a clear majority of Desktop/Laptop OS Worldwide users, OS stability ‘n reliability are a major requirement.

Now, thanks to Google ‘n Neverware, Linux can finally offer a stable ‘n reliable Desktop/Laptop OS that is actually focused on Desktop/Laptop users instead of Developers, Programmers, IT Specialists, ‘n etc. CloudReady is a Linux Distro listed on DistroWatch (NOTE– DistroWatch links are not working…seems to be a WP Editor problem?!? – see update @ end):

BTW, DistroWatch’s Jesse Smith is an idiot…at best. Never believe anything he reviews or writes about. Obviously one of the few people in the entire world who could screw up installing CloudReady. Almost unbelievable, unless you have read some of his reviews.

Here, Jesse, let humble me show you how to install the Linux OS:

DistroWatch’s Jesse Smith is helping me prove my point that a clear majority of Desktop/Laptop OS Worldwide users don’t want to mess with a troublesome OS on their own computers. Apparently, Jesse is stuck with a Linux distro on his own computer, and had to try creating a USB manually:

Jesse is not smart enough to be using Linux on his own computer, IMHO. He is not a Developer…he is not a Programmer…he is not an IT Specialist…he is not even an etc.!? Jesse is just the basic ‘Linux Pretender’ pretending to know something about Linux ‘n casting blame elsewhere when his pretending fails him.  Here’s Jesse’s review:

Now, What OS is Jesse using? A Mac? A Chromebook? Windows…’n if he using Windows why not just use the USB Maker automated download? I suspect Jesse is using Linux. Here is a part of what the “detailed instructions” say:

Nothing there about “Linux machines.” Then, further down, they offer “additional install options” wid this: How Do I Create A CloudReady USB Installer On Linux?

Unfortunately, Google hasn’t done the leg work to make Chrome Recovery Utility work on Linux. I’ll give you some commands to run to get an installer made via Linux.

Linux is for Developers, Programmers, IT Specialists, ‘n etc., which is why a clear majority of Desktop/Laptop OS Worldwide users don’t use it. This isn’t the first terrible and/or ‘Slanted’ review by Jesse…he did a hatchet job on Windowsfx 10.6 in the past.

Don’t trust any reviews or their Rankings – DistroWatch has been caught cheating before…if DistroWatch was even 1/1000th correct wid their rankings, then Ubuntu would be their #1 ranked Distro or possibly their #2 ranked behind CloudReady.

Here’s the easy ‘n correct way to install CloudReady:

Wonder if Jesse tried to use a “Sandisk” USB? I used a new Samsung USB:

If everything looks good, the USB making utility starts downloading ‘n creating:

Can take up to 20 minutes to download ‘n  create, ‘n then it is finished. Simple!

I used the InWin test computer to install it on. Have your gmail email addy ‘n password handy – other addies work, but Google works best wid Google, IMHO.

When the ‘Live’ session is finished, click the time in lower righthand corner, and a window will open there wid an option to install CloudReady when you are ready!  😉  Simple!

Here’s the Desktop:

Here’s the settings main window:

Almost exactly like reinstalling Chrome OS on a Chromebook as I mentioned here: How to Break – then – Restore Chrome OS on new Chromebook in 13 Days – Chromebook series part 4.

This CloudReady Distro should also come in handy when your Chromebook’s Auto Update Expiration (AUE) arrives.

Also there are apps, and not all the work on a Chromebook’s Chrome OS or on your computer’s CloudReady installation requires the Chrome browser (actually they have Chromium browser here), i.e. that is a misconception.  😉

Will add this post to the Chromebooks page…

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!

  • UPDATE: From *Karmi’s Daily Blog Log* page – 6/21/2021: DistroWatch may be blocking WP Blogs from linking to them, or at least my domain. All the links to DistroWatch in this CloudReady OS post didn’t work; however, those same links worked in my WP Reader. WP Support said that sites do that – “blocked references from a specific domain” if too much traffic comes in. DistroWatch is about useless anyway, so I’ll just stop linking to them.