With a Worldwide Desktop/Laptop Linux OS user base that has remained ‘StUcK’ between roughly 1.2% to 2.2% of the Total Worldwide Desktop/Laptop OS user base, for some thirty years, it’s not difficult to imagine how a new Desktop/Laptop OS can come along ‘n rapidly pass the so-called Linux “Desktop” OS.

My recent usage of Chromebooks, the Chrome OS, and the newer CloudReady OS has led to Linux falling into the Third Place Companion OS position…Fourth Place, if I count Chrome OS ‘n CloudReady OS separately.

  • How popular is Linux? 99.999% of *ALL* computer users have never heard of a “Companion OS.”

Until Google came along, Linux Admins ‘n Developers didn’t give ‘Two-Hoots’ about actual Desktop/Laptop OS users, and they still don’t.

Linux has always been Enterprise focused, i.e. satisfying the needs of organizations rather than individual users (Desktop/Laptop OS users). The ‘Linux Nanny’ comes first in the Linux Community, with few exceptions, e.g. Puppy, RHEL-based, CloudReady OS, etc. Basically, if a Linux Distro requires the annoying “Authenticate” popup/s, then it is focused on the needs of organizations.


Running a Linux Blog:


As one might imagine, there is not a huge demand ‘n nor much more than a Tad of interest in Linux Blogs.

I started this blog in January of 2019 because I wrongly thought that Linux might be heading into a positive Desktop/Laptop OS direction, finally. After some 25 years of tinkering with Linux it is not the first time that my hopes for Linux were dashed.

“Linux is a pathetic excuse for a Desktop/Laptop OS.”

Truthful statements like that will bring out hordes of Fanatical ‘n Radical Linux OS users, so be prepared to shut down your message board, if your blog has one.

“Ubuntu is the best Linux Distro.”

Truthful statements like that will also bring out hordes of Fanatical ‘n Radical Linux OS users, so be prepared to shut down your message board, if your blog has one.

I’ve blogged from roughly 2002/2004 until today, and never cared much for stats ‘n such…still don’t, but pay more attention to them now than in the past. Lots of talk on Word Press Blogs about “successful blogging” – lots of emails from Word Press on how to make your blog “more successful.” Have had another Word Press Blog since 2004, and don’t recall ever seeing so much talk ‘n so many emails on how to have a “successful Word Press blog.”

4.72 billion people use the internet, so how popular is your blog if 5,000 of them visit your blog every day?

Internet users are currently growing at an annual rate of 7.6 percent, equating to an average of more than 900,000 new users each day.

Personally, if you like your blog, then it is successful, IMHO. However, if you’re are into blogging to make money, then quit reading this blog right now!  😉


Blog Referrers:


I forget when I first noticed the “Referrers” portion of my Word Press Stats section…probably within the past six-months to a year. I had noticed that the “Search Engines” below the Referrer ‘n View portion were always higher than the others in that area, for probably a year to eighteen-months.

Anyway, today I decided to follow that “Referrers” stat section, and found this:

“31,190” Views were produced with Search Engines. 22,518 came during the past “365 days” ending on July 3rd, 2021.

Great news! I think?!? Why? Because I was thinking about slowing down on my postings, maybe focus a Tad more on my Pages section, especially the *Karmi’s Daily Blog Log* page.


Desktop/Laptop OSes:


Frankly, Chromebooks, the Chrome OS, and Linux CloudReady OS have caught me by surprise, i.e. surprised at how actually wonderful they are. Chromebooks is a complete Companion Package, that can also be used as a ‘Standalone’ Package for a growing number of computer Desktop/Laptop OS users.

Current news, facts, and growth rates are showing that Linux has fallen to a ‘Companion OS’ position (at best), i.e. fallen to the fast growing Chromebooks, the Chrome OS, and Linux CloudReady OS packages.

  • Ditto on ‘Da earlier – How popular is Linux? 99.999% of *ALL* computer users have never heard of a “Companion OS.”

Google isn’t about to slow down ‘n give Linux a chance to catch up…I suspect that even the Fanatical ‘n Radical Linux OS users are at least starting to realize that by now.

Fact is, Google purchased Linux CloudReady OS late last year, a pure Linux Desktop/Laptop OS, and I doubt that they plan to just store it in a remote shed outta ‘Da way.

Personally, on my Linux Laptop ‘Sam’, I have Fedora 34 Cinnamon Spin on a 128GB Samsung microSD card as the first automatic OS boot, in a dual-boot setup with Linux CloudReady OS. Linux CloudReady OS isn’t ready for the first automatic OS boot position yet, but Google is just getting started with it.

Not a lot to say about the World’s #1 Desktop/Laptop OS, Windows 10 11, other than it is having an incredibly fast growth rate.

  • Ditto Ditto on ‘Da two earlier – How popular is Linux? 99.999% of *ALL* computer users have never heard of a “Companion OS.”

BTW, I believe humble me may have been the first to ever coin ‘Da term – “Companion OS” – possibly in the FossaPup a perfection companion for Windows 10 – ‘Companion Dogs ‘n Companion OSes’ post.

That term, plus 5,000 blog views a day, and $75 probably buys me a cup of Klatch Coffee.




I wouldn’t pay 1-cent for a cup of Klatch Coffee.  😉

I believe that Chromebooks, the Chrome OS, and the newer Linux CloudReady OS are going to see more growth over the next few years or so.

BTW, if you read the *Karmi’s Daily Blog Log* page – saw the 7/02/2021 log, then you know Samsung XE521QAB-K01US Chromebook Plus (V2) is being offered for $249 w/ free shipping. That’s the same one I have Fedora 34 ‘n CloudReady OS on. Read my posts on the subject, do a little work of your own, and you could have a great $249 Linux Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 12.2″ Laptop!

I will probably be posting less, since Linux has so little to offer in the actual Desktop/Laptop OS arena.

Still need to get ‘Da Hang of Chrome OS, and especially Linux CloudReady OS. Many Chrome OS users can apparently do almost anything with their Chromebook, e.g. Robby Payne of Chrome Unboxed.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!