Most reporters are Progressives .. Progressives are ‘Puppets’ of Totalitarianism .. Progressives don’t care about actual facts, i.e. they are trained to just repeat what their Totalitarian Masters tell them to say.

Here are some actual Historical Facts:

June 1, *2015* – Microsoft’s Terry Myerson announces Windows 10:

Hello World: Windows 10 Available on July 29

Today, I’m excited to share the availability date for Windows 10 ..snip.. Through the feedback and testing of over four million Windows Insiders, we’ve made great progress on Windows 10 and we’re nearly ready to deliver this free upgrade to all of our Windows customers*.

Took them 3-4 years to recover from the Windows 8 ‘Stuff’, but recover they did, and Windows 10 became the most successful Desktop Operating System in history.

July 15, *2015*Microsoft releases new license terms for Windows 10: Biggest surprise? No gotchas:

You can put your tinfoil hats away now.

Two weeks ahead of the global launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has finalized the terms of its license agreements for the new operating system. I’ve had several days to study the documents in detail, and I can report that there are no surprises, no gotchas, and no hidden subscription traps waiting to be sprung in two or three or four years.

Sorry to disappoint you, conspiracy theorists.

Microsoft has consistently said that its new “Windows as a service” model doesn’t change the basic licensing terms for Windows. Based on these documents, that’s still true.

Does anyone ever read their “license agreements”?! Commercial customers of Microsoft certainly read their License Agreements with Microsoft, but basic home Desktop OS users trust Microsoft ‘n almost never read theirs.  😉  Also, it has been said that wearing a mask cuts off oxygen to the brain, and everyone *KNOWS* what wearing a “tinfoil” hat does to the brain!

  • NOTE: Progressives wear both a mask ‘n a tinfoil hat.  😉

July 17, *2015*Microsoft commits to 10-year support lifecycle for Windows 10:

It’s been a bad week for conspiracy theorists. As the Windows 10 launch nears, Microsoft is clearing up loose ends. Today’s announcement of a 10-year support commitment for Windows 10 should remove one persistent bit of FUD from the discussion.

Nope, i.e. “FUD” was never removed from the discussion back then, and Progressives have in fact kept it in the discussion 6-years later. Totalitarian Masters have trained their Progressive ‘Puppets’ very well.

Microsoft never said that Windows 10 would last forever…in fact, they announced a “10-year support commitment for Windows 10” back in *2015*.

How many people have heard of the Microsoft Lifecycle Policy? Here it is:

Microsoft Lifecycle Policy

Consistent and predictable guidelines for the availability of support throughout the life of a product.

Stuff’ like ‘Dat is why Windows 10 has over 1.3 Billion Worldwide users! Desktop/laptop users trust Microsoft, and almost never read their “license agreements” or check the Microsoft Lifecycle Policy of their product.

I’ll do a Search Product and Services Lifecycle Information on WIN10 Home ‘n Pro:

Looks like support started for “Windows 10 Home and Pro” on 07/29/2015, and that support ends on 10/14/2025.

Why are the Progressive ‘Puppets’ of Totalitarianism saying that Microsoft said that ‘Windows 10 would be the last Windows ever’? They are ‘Puppets’ that can only do ‘n say what they’ve been trained to do ‘n say by their Totalitarian Masters.

Think*2015* + 10 = 2025.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!