This Insider Preview of the soon-to-be most popular Operating System in history is absolutely amazing already – in a Beta form!?!

This is why, historically, so many OEM’s want to build modern Desktop/Laptop computers wid Microsoft Windows OSes, i.e. *NO* other Desktop Operating System is competitive at all. None…nada…zip! Well, IBM’s OS/2 was a little competitive at first, but started fading when Windows 95 was coming out.

The upgrades from Windows 10 to Windows 11 are going to happen much faster than the upgrades from Windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10, IMHO.  Much *MUCH* Faster!

2-Billion Worldwide Windows 11 users by this time next year? That may be a tad difficult, but not impossible. Definitely 2-Billion Worldwide Windows users by around this time next year.

The “Future” falls into the past quicker every day, and what Windows 11 is bringing is already in *HUGE* demand.

How fast is the “Future” now moving? Back in July of *2015* Microsoft committed to Windows 10 for 10 years, they are still committed to that 2025 Retirement Date, but with the “Future” now falling into the past faster than it was in 2015, Microsoft already has Windows 10 replacement almost ready for all the newer hardware ‘n software that is also available now…and/or soon.

As the pic shows, I have moved the Taskbar from Center to the Left…maybe from habit, but probably the way I want it.  😉

Updated to build number 22000.100 yesterday, and I may just move my main computer, ‘Apevia’, to this Windows 11 Insider Preview.

Yes, I like it that much! However, will think on it some more, because the Insider Preview makes you turn on the sending of Diagnostics ‘n ‘Stuff’ that I always turn off. Total BS that “Microsoft Windows sends all the user’s activity” to Microsoft. Heck, even on newly purchased computers, sending of that Diagnostic info ‘n ‘Stuff’ can be turned off.

I have many posts on the correct way to install Windows 10 and/or do a clean install of Windows 10 on a newly purchased laptop (or desktop). Get the OEM crap off the computer…they are the problem, not Microsoft.

Oh, also noted in that above pic, down on the bottom left of File Explorer window, that I have a “Tux” icon Linux Folder. The other folders also look great…Windows 11 is going to be the greatest Desktop OS EVAH!!!

 I don’t think many people know what is going on wid the new CBL-Mariner Linux OS and the Windows 365 Cloud PC, but clearly Microsoft doesn’t trust the Linux Kernel’s security or any other Linux Distro either, as Microsoft moves into ‘Da Future.

For anyone actually believing that Windows 10 users are going to move to Linux or Chrome OS rather than upgrading to Windows 11 (if they can), here’s a free tip before you break yore own heart – read: WIN 7 series: For Windows 7 users.

I started that Page back around August 3, 2019, when I was actually believing the Hype that Windows 7 users were going to move en masse to Linux. A total of ‘Three Windows 7 users’ were reported to have moved to Linux in 2019, then, in 2020 they all purchased new computers wid Windows 10 on them, and they are now part of the Windows 10’s 1.3 billion users.  😉

Truthfully…the so-called Linux “Desktop” is going to have trouble fending off Chrome OS over this next year, especially wid bargain priced Chromebooks like the Acer Chromebook 311 selling for $129. Linux will still maintain its ‘Specialty OS’ usefulness, but their so-called “Desktop” OS is becoming even less useful than it was in the past.

 LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!