Just updated the former Samsung 12.2″ Chromebook Plus V2 XE521QAB-K01, ‘Sam‘ (short for Samantha), Linux’s CloudReady OS to v92.3. I said “former” since ‘Sam‘ is now a dual boot CloudReady + Fedora Linux Laptop/Tablet/Sketchbook (see How to turn a $314.57 Chromebook into a Fedora Linux Laptop/Tablet/Sketchbook post for more info).


DistroWatch ‘n me

According to DistroWatch, Linux CloudReady is #133 on their hits per day (HPD) rankings. Those links may not work normally; however, they will probably work wid WordPress Reader. According to WordPress Support:

DistroWatch resents that I have pointed out their cheating methods in some of my posts. Now, they falsely claim that the cheating methods have been fixed. They’re also angry at humble me for pointing out how wrong their idiot Jesse Smith was in his review of CloudReady OS, i.e. he couldn’t follow *BASIC* installation instructions, and then blamed CloudReady for his own stupidity.

I did this post – Spending hours trying to keep that so-called “Linux Desktop” Distro working? Try Linux CloudReady OS! – to show Jesse Smith the correct way to install CloudReady.

For an accurate ranking of Linux Distros – Operating System Share by Version. Linux Mint is the only one of DistroWatch’s Top 5 that is listed…listed @ around 37th out of 57 OSes.

How slanted against Linux CloudReady OS is DistroWatch? Just look at their Front Page…


Linux CloudReady v92.3

I have Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home, Windows 11 Pro Beta, Puppy 9.5 Linux, Fedora 33 ‘n 34 Linux, AlmaLinux OS, CentOS Stream Linux, Chrome OS, and CloudReady Linux on and/or available for my computers (5 PC’s, 2 Laptops & 1 Chromebook). Plus, I test many other Linux Distros that never make it to my permanent OSes.

Chrome OS & CloudReady OS are still very new to me. Thusly, haven’t actually got around to really digging into Chrome OS or CloudReady OS yet, and am not sure when I will. For example, I’ve never tried setting up a printer wid them, or adding more than 1 or 2 apps. Have stuck wid just their basic default offering/s up to now, and that is fine for a secondary OS, IMHO.

Have stopped watching any TV, other than my DVD’s & Blu-ray’s which I watch for 2-3 hours daily. My go-to computer for that time is ‘Chromebook’ the HP Chromebook – 14a-na0023cl. Have often found myself wondering about a certain actor/actress or certain scene or etc. and that Chromebook wid just the Chrome OS is my favorite. ‘Sam‘ and CloudReady OS is my 2nd favorite. Special *PURPOSE* category would be ‘TV assistant’ (??). 😉  Chrome OS isn’t actually a Linux Distro, but close enough!

CloudReady v92.3 now available!:

Hey CloudReady Fans!

Today we’re releasing v92.3 of CloudReady to the Beta and Dev channels on the Enterprise and Education Editions and on the Stable, Beta, and Dev channels of the Home Edition of CloudReady.

Devices already on the Dev and Beta update channels can expect over-the-air updates for this release over the next few hours. If you’re interested in previewing this release, make sure you subscribe to the Dev Channel to get an over-the-air update now.

Reminder, we’ll slowly roll out updates on stable channels for all editions to reduce the chance of any unidentified issues affecting users. Only a few devices will receive the update right away, with more following over time.

I had the CloudReady stable Home Edition v89.4.44 on ‘Sam‘. Had to do 2 attempts at “Check for updates” before it went ahead and started downloading the new v92.3.4 update:

Probably took a couple attempts because they were doing a slow “roll out” of this update. Seemed like a big jump from 89 to 92 (?), so maybe Google does have big plans eventually for Linux CloudReady OS. ‘Sam‘ only had 3 years of Chrome OS before the Auto Update Expiration (AUE) arrived ‘n I wanted to test CloudReady.

Everything went fine, and haven’t had any negative ‘happenings’ since the update.

Will add this post to the Special *PURPOSE* Linuxes page, and also to the Chromebooks page.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!