They sound pretty desperate to try Windows 11, and apparently many of them are stuck wid 3rd World computers which lack the requirements for even testing the Insider Preview.

A “browser” .. this should be interesting!



Computer Bild is part of some huge German digital publishing house – Axel Springer SE:

How huge is huge? Politico sells to German publishing giant Axel Springer in deal worth about $1 billion:

German publisher Axel Springer announced Thursday that it plans to acquire digital media site Politico. The companies did not disclose a price for the deal, but a person familiar with the matter said Politico sold for about $1 billion … The acquisition grows the publishing group’s portfolio in the U.S. further, adding to its ownership of Insider and Morning Brew. Axel Springer is the German publishing giant behind major news outlets like Bild and Die Welt in that country.

  • Guess it’s this Politico? I’ve had them bookmarked for years, but didn’t know they were worth that much. We need some new media blood in America, not just the Democratic party’s MSM ‘Puppets’ ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN…well, basically 99% of America’s MSM is nothing but a 24/7 ‘Bullhorn’ for the Democratic Party (AKA Totalitarian Party).

So I ran some searches on the ‘Selection of publications‘ from that above list, and thought Computer Bild sounded interesting – ‘is Germany’s largest technology portal for tests, purchase advice, news, free downloads and advice. Regardless of whether you are interested in notebooks, PCs, navigation systems or software – Computerbild provides objective tests, valuable tips and expert advice on buying hardware and software.

Most of the links were in German so used Google Translate to get the English versions.


The Blue Edge Windows 11 web app

1 package

Then – Windows 11: Just try it out in your browser:

Thanks to a clever open source project, interested parties can test Windows 11 directly in the browser. COMPUTER BILD shows how it works.

If you want to try the free update to Windows 11 announced for the end of 2021, you usually have to register with the (free) Windows Insider Program and install the current preview version of the operating system. However, this is not available at all for many older computers due to the strict system requirements and cannot be easily removed again. Understandably, users who just want to get a quick impression of the new operating system shy away from the effort. The new option of simply testing Windows 11 in the browser is now just what you need. COMPUTER BILD explains how it works and what’s behind it.

Test Windows 11 in a browser!?! Yep, Germans are obviously anxious ‘n *DESPERATE* to try Windows 11. I’ve been saying Windows 11 is going to be the biggest ‘n bestest ‘n most popular OS in the history of OSes, but my estimates may have been too low.

article continues:

Try Windows 11 in the browser

To try out the upcoming Windows without any registration and installation, simply download the website in your Internet browser. The Windows 11 desktop immediately appears on the screen and you can test it without risk. Since this is a simple website, the Windows 11 interface can also be tried out on computers that are actually not compatible with the operating system, such as non-Intel Macs or older PCs that even defused Windows 11 – Failed to meet the system requirements of the Insider Program.


Results ‘n Analysis ‘n Conclusion/s

I got this:

…and this:

Not many apps available, but some work…even on the dock.

  • Germans (and *MANY* others) are excited about what Windows 11 is going to be offering (might be a good time to reinvest in more OEM computer stock), and it’s starting to appear, IMHO, that people are planning on buying a new computer wid Windows 11 already installed on it.

Well, I’ve been testing it, and this browser ‘tHiNGiE’ is terrible, but I don’t own any 3rd World computers either. I have test computers to conduct real tests on OSes ‘n their Betas.

  • Note: Just found another article, that enforces my research results (of huge future for Windows 11) thus far – Is the Chromebook boom over?:

The reasons for the lower demand are likely to be the increased number of school openings as well as the increased prices for displays and chips due to delivery bottlenecks. Insiders assume that the manufacturers are now increasingly relying on the production of more expensive notebooks with Windows, since a higher price level can be better justified to customers here. The manager of the microcontroller manufacturer Elan Microelectronics, which supplies almost all laptop manufacturers worldwide, told Nikkei: “When the price of an 11-inch display, which is mainly used in Chromebooks, is as high as the price of 14-inch -Displays normally used in high-end commercial laptops, all computer manufacturers would turn to building these higher priced devices. “

  • Yeah, that’s some handy info on the displays, and reflects what I have found in my brief testing of Chromebooks. Since already having a 15.6″ Full HD laptop, I had discovered that it was just too big for me…even in the house. I really like the 12.2″ size, but maybe a 13″ FHD non-touch display would be perfect. Those 11″ displays mostly come in just HD (1280 x 720 or 1366 x 768) which suks ‘n is old technology. I tested an 11″ Chromebook, which was actually bigger (total size) than the 12.2″ Chromebook and almost bigger than the 14″ Chromebook, even tho it was just an 11.6″ HD display.

I’ll add Computer Bild to my bookmarks … they look interesting, and had offered so much great info that I found it difficult to stay focused on this post! Am always looking for a ‘Fresh‘ site to bookmark, that can help in research ‘n analysis! America’s journalism schools are nothing but Democratic party brainwashing labs, so Computer Bild will be a welcomed addition.

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