After my ‘HP Chromebase All-in-One Desktop: ‘The New Family Hangout!‘ vs Linux 5.14 kernel’ post yesterday, I am starting to have doubts that Linux even has a future as a secondary OS, i.e. it is just too fragmented to be able to keep up in this ever shifting, ever changing, and ‘Ever Forward’ technological era.

  • Linus Torvalds on Why Linux Hasn’t Succeeded on Desktop: ‘I still wish we were better at having a standardize desktop that goes across all the distributions … It’s more of a personal annoyance how the fragmentation of the different vendors have, I think, held the desktop back a bit … It seems to be that Chromebooks and Android are the paths towards the desktop.

Windows 11 is going to soon have both Linux apps *PLUS* Android apps. Chrome OS can apparently run Android apps, Linux apps, and some (?!) Windows apps. Where does that leave some 2000+++ Linux Distros, DE’s, Spins, Flavors, etc.? I don’t believe anyone knows how many versions of Linux there are.


Lakka Linux – Distro #2,999+ 😉

I don’t know anything about gaming…beyond Win7Games4Win10_8_81_v2’s Chess, Hearts, and basic Solitaire games. However, Lakka Linux seems to offer some things that actual gamers might be interested in, and it was pretty easy to install. It’s also cross-platform:

How cross-platform?

What hardware can you install it on?

  • I went wid the “Generic PC” hardware option.

Well, I got it installed on the ‘CM130’ Ryzen™ 9 3900X Linux test computer, after downloading the Lakka-Generic.x86_64-3.4.img.gz. ‘n then using balenaEtcher to create a bootable USB. After that, I was basically lost, since I had no clue what the options meant or what the long list of games (?!) I had never heard of offered.

  • I could be wrong, but I suspect there are easier ways to play games, e.g. wid Chrome OS or Android.

Will add this post to the Special *PURPOSE* Linuxes page…

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!