This is the ‘Foundation Post’ for the newly added Laptops – New Lappys ‘n Converted Lappys ‘n Barebone Lappyspage. All 5 of my BYOC‘s are running great, they are waiting for the Windows 11 upgrade, and I see no need to build a new desktop PC for the next 5-6 months (at least). Actually, GPU prices did me a favor by going up so high, and staying there so long – i.e. my focus on building desktop PC’s has taken a break ‘n that has allowed me to focus on Chromebooks ‘n now Lappys of all sorts.

During my Chromebooks tests I discovered that neither Linux or Chrome OS can come close to replacing MS Windows on desktops *OR* laptops. For me, they can only be used as Specialty OSes, even on laptops.

The Laptops – New Lappys ‘n Converted Lappys ‘n Barebone Lappys’ page will consist of 3 main sections: 1) New Lappys, 2) Converted Lappys, and 3) Barebone Lappys. (UPDATE: have created a 4th section – Dumpster Lappys.)

The Converted Lappys section will be brief, since that dealt wid my experiments to install Linux on a Chromebook. Linux (other than CloudReady Linux) won’t install on just any Chromebook, i.e. it takes a special combination of hardware, and then the Chromebook’s BIOS needs changing. You up to ‘Dat? Then I suggest that you read my Chromebooks page first. 😉

I have already given away 2 of the Chromebooks used during those converting tests. Only the 12.2″ FHD Samsung Chromebook (‘Samshort for Samantha) accepted the Linux conversion – see ‘How to turn a $314.57 Chromebook into a Fedora Linux Laptop/Tablet/Sketchbook’ post for more info.

The Laptops – New Lappys ‘n Converted Lappys ‘n Barebone Lappys’ page has a brief mention of my $277.13 budget laptop experiment from 2019, ‘Ace the Laptop’ Acer laptop. I say budget, since I had searched for a new laptop below $300, but this Acer had run from $425-500 before ‘n after my purchase (normal laptops ain’t cheap!?). I purchased the Chromebooks between May ‘n June this year, and used each of them more than I had ever used that Acer laptop in 2 years…the Acer’s keyboard went out twice in extremely brief usage. Fixed it once, in March, then it went out again last week. Disassembled it, briefly tried to fix it again, then threw all the disassembled parts into a trash bag. The HP’s and Samsung Chromebooks were well built laptops, and I recommend them if you are looking for a low cost reliable ‘n well built Chromebook.

Today, I threw that trash bag containing disassembled ‘Ace the Laptop’ into a huge hungry dumpster at the local garbage dump site.  😈

I am waiting for my new MAIN laptop to arrive later next month…it is not going to be a test computer…well, not much testing anyway.  😉

Then at some point, hopefully early next year, I will buy a new Barebones laptop for all sorts of testing.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!