This post is for Windows users who want to extract XZ and/or TAR Files to a Disk Image File (aka ISO file), i.e. I’ve never had reliable luck wid extracting TAR Files under most Linux OSes…sometimes I get lucky tho, but can’t remember which Linux OSes worked. 🤨

That’s what I feel like when trying to extract TAR Files under most Linux OSes. 🤬 Linux OSes are made for Technical People like developers, programmers, IT specialists, etc., which makes me just a “normal people.”

I use 7-Zip – it’s “free software with open source” for MS Windows OSes. There is apparently a Linux command line version called p7zip, but I have never tried it.

*DOUBLE* Extraction using 7-Zip

Main ‘Thangs to remember when viewing the following pics:

  • .iso.tar.xz = XZ File (.xz)
  • .iso.tar = TAR File (.tar)
  • .iso = Disc Image File (.iso)

Going from an XZ File to a Disc Image File, requires two 7-Zip extractions, for a “normal people” like me. I have 5 pics that could be useful for a “normal people” trying to create a ‘Live‘ bootable MocaccinoOS Linux (MOS) USB:

Extraction #1

Extraction #2


MocaccinoOS Linux (MOS) is a new Distro, wid typical new OS problems, and they are attempting something new (that I don’t really understand) that might end up making ‘Thangs better for “normal people” type of Desktop users.

OK…that’s it for Part 2, and I will add this post to the Gentoo ‘n Redcore Linux ‘n Pentoo ‘n T2_SDE page.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!