It’s a fully ‘PasswordDependent OS now, so I almost didn’t do a review of it.

  • Hey, Linuxfx / Windowsfx, my Windows 11 Pro (on 6 PC’s ‘n 1 Dell XPS13) ‘n none of my Android devices have ever forced me to use a password. The Chromebooks I once had only required 1 password @ login ‘n no more pestering after that.

Then I saw this, accidentally, on my my main computer ‘Apevia‘:

That’s a pic of “This PC” folder, which I open all the time, and I wondered what the heck that was ‘n what the heck it was doing there!?! It was a Debian Logo, in my Windows 11 Pro’s “This PC” folder!?

Then I remembered taking this pic:

Apevia‘ was seeing the Linuxfx 11 Free Edition being tested on main Linux AMD test computer ‘CM130‘ – wow! That “minidlna” mentioned beneath “karmi-systemproductname” in that first pic is plug & play MiniDLNA (Simple Media Server) ‘Thingie that Windows 11 Pro can see. I didn’t check any further…just too many annoying “Authenicate” popups happening for me to deal wid!

I sometimes communicate between Windows ‘n Linux computers wid BeeBEEP the free office manager, but don’t recall seeing this MiniDLNA before:

Interesting, but, I can’t stand these annoying Authentication types of popups interrupting my workflow:

  • Fuk!?! Put down the mouse ‘n move to the keyboard ‘n type in the ‘Pesky Password‘. Talk about workflow ‘Killers‘!!! OK…now leave the keyboard ‘n go back to the mouse.

Anyway, decided to do a brief review of Linuxfx 11 Free Edition since Linuxfx / Windowsfx has been a popular topic on this blog.

Free vs Professional Editions

Have an old computer that a $19.19 OEM Windows 11 Pro won’t work on because of hardware requirements, then that Linuxfx Professional might work out for you.

Here’s the “About” info:

I didn’t try to update graphics to the Nvidia drivers, but seems like I have in the ‘Past‘…yes, I’ve done it before.

Here’s the KDE Plasma DE:

Yeah, other than the annoying “Authenicate” popups, some Windows 7 or 10 users wid old computers might be interested in giving Linuxfx / Windowsfx a try.


Am glad I decided to do this brief review…Rafael Rachid (‘n others?) works very hard on this Distro, and it is easy for users to work wid. Perhaps users wid old Windows 7 & 10 computers might also try it as a Special *PURPOSE* Linuxes on ageing computers…

Will add this post to the Windowsfx/Linuxfx page.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!