I’ve been fingerprinted so many times that I grew tired of it and just finally retired from Crime. Never had a ridiculous COVID-19 shot tho, and resent the fact that someone is secretly giving my ‘innocent‘ GPU’s the shot without my consent!?!

Your Graphics Card Fingerprint Can Be Used to Track Your Activities Across the Web:

Researchers have demonstrated a new type of fingerprinting technique that exploits a machine’s graphics processing unit (GPU) as a means to persistently track users across the web.

A device fingerprint or machine fingerprint is information that is collected about the hardware, installed software, as well as the web browser and its associated add-ons from a remote computing device for the purpose of unique identification.

It’s not only the first-of-its-kind mechanism to explore and weaponize the manufacturing differences between identical GPUs, but also for reliably using the approach to distinguish between machines with identical hardware and software configurations, effectively undermining users’ privacy.

Furthermore, the ongoing development into the WebGPU standard — currently available in canary releases of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox — is expected to drastically reduce the time taken to collect the fingerprint, prompting the academics to conclude that the “effects of accelerated compute APIs on user privacy should be considered before they are enabled globally.”

What – “is expected to drastically reduce the time taken to collect the fingerprint”?!? I hope that doesn’t mean what I think it says!?

Oh, was just kidding about the COVID-19 Vaccination. 😉 However, you might ask your kid if the school gave ‘IT‘ a shot (I don’t know what to call biological children anymore – Government Property perhaps?).

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!