Lots for me to still learn, but Slackware 15.0 Stable is an excellent Linux OS. I am going to add it to the #3 Spot on the Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros page. Had wanted to move it into the #2 Spot, but it was just not Portable enough to move ahead of Puppy Linux, which may partially be my fault due to a lack of knowledge on all the ‘workings‘ of Slackware.

Those Top 4 Spots are tight, so there can be sudden changes. Fedora 33 Cinnamon SPIN is basically outdated right now, and the 34 + 35 versions have problems in the Sound Settings when in the ‘root‘ section…if that issue gets cleared in Fedora 36 it could move back up.

I am a 75++ year old man, who builds my own desktop Computers, converted a Chromebook to ‘Linuxbook‘, and run this blog with a main focus on testing Linux OSes. ‘Thusly‘, I relate somewhat wid the Modern ‘Old Man‘ Slackware, and have given it some Bonus points. 😉

The new Slackware Linux page

I am not going to go into the installation process in this post, since some of the posts on that Slackware Linux page cover that. Prepping the target disk wid GParted does make the installation process much easier ‘n quicker:

The Slackware Linux – ‘World’s Oldest Surviving Linux Distribution post covers that important ‘Tip‘ if you are not familiar wid fdisk and/or cfdisk partitioning.

Look over those posts on the Slackware Linux page, and find the one/s that help you the most. Many of the settings are just default selections, but some ‘Winging‘ it may be necessary at times. If you mess up, just use GParted again, and give it another try. It’s just an OS.

The KDE Plasma – ‘Newb TidBits page

The KDE Plasma DE has become very popular wid many Linux Developers, and I have recently moved to it myself. The KDE Plasma – ‘Newb TidBits‘ page will help wid some of the settings if you are not familiar wid KDE.

Installing NVIDIA Driver

The Slackware Linux 15.0 RC3 w/ KDE Plasma DE: ‘Installing NVIDIA Drivers using Slackware Docs’ guides post goes into detail on how to install the NVIDIA driver.

Some Pics


Slackware 15.0 Stable wid KDE Plasma DE is not easy to learn, and represents a lot of terminal CLI usage that I hate; however, I really enjoy working wid the OS!

The 25th Anniversary Edition, KDE Plasma version: 5.23.5, is a great DE to work in. There is a 5.15.19 Linux kernel version.

No GUI Software Package Managers, that I could find, but it is loaded. It has a different method of installing packages, which I haven’t gotten into yet, so there is no LibreOffice right now. It has the KDE Calligra Suite, which I’ve never used, but I believe there is a “Build” method to install LibreOffice that I will eventually test.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!