What is a Submissive Linux Distro user?

  • Anyone who accepts more than *ONE* password demand per computer session.
  • Anyone who accepts annoying “Authenticate” popups or other pestering ‘Pesky Passwords’ demands after that *ONE* password per computer session.

Exceptions would be: ‘Technical people‘ such as Developers, Programmers, IT Specialists, Maintainers, etc.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux has moved from a Default Root User to a Submissive Default Non-Root User:

I discovered this yesterday when I went to install the new Kali Linux 2022.1, and it wasn’t offering an admin account and/or root password. I’m a Fulltime Linux Root User on all my *OWN* home computers, so I immediately shutdown the installation.

Kali has started to use the Submissive Linux “traditional default non-root user” model that 95+% of all the other Linux Distros use. The entire Linux Community needs to take a cue from Android ‘n Chrome OS ‘n MS Windows! Linux is the **least secure** Operating System around, so that “traditional default non-root user” model isn’t even working in their focused Enterprise arena.

Too bad, it was once a great Special *PURPOSE* Linux Distro that even “normal people” could use, but a clear majority of “normal people” don’t want some Linux ‘Nanny throwing annoying “Authenticate” popups at them or demanding other pestering ‘Pesky Passwords’.


I deleted the Kali Linux Page, since I see no need for it now. I was going to replace that Page wid something like a ‘List of Distros for Submissive Linux users‘, but that list could fill a blog by itself.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!