Prices have been slowly coming down on some of the video cards for a few months or so now, and I believe they may come down ever further.

The 1650 ‘n 1050 Ti might not be great gaming cards, but both can handle some games ‘n most all other graphics needs.

I bought a 1050 Ti (double fan)for $250 a year or two ago (had been $150 a year before), and they went up even further after that. Very underrated video card. Energy efficient, e.g. minimum “Recommended Power Supply” for the computer is just 300W for most and at just 75W it get its power from MoBo (*NO* PCI-E power connector needed). Not as good as my 1660’s in tests, but I’ve never noticed a difference on normal ‘Desktop Duty‘ performance.

Never had a 1650, but have always heard good about them…at just $159.99 it’s a steal!

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