Some 23 pic Steps make up Part 2. Not all the steps are shown, e.g. keyboards, web browser choice, etc…I was using Win11 Hyper-V Manager just to get some main steps on record for me, also in case someone else might use them, and they won’t be many descriptions other than the pic itself.

Pay attention when you get to the EFI & Swap & root system partitions.

Secondary mouse button click to open option-1 Sparky (Advanced) Installer
Option-2 Sparky (Advanced) Installer

  • sda1 is the fat32 partition.

  • We’re going to let Sparky format is again…click OK.

  • sda3 is the swap partition.

  • sda2 is the ext4 partition for main installation.

  • Let Sparky reformat it…  😉

  • Select OK…

  • Select OK for sda…

  • There’s like 20 choices, but I went thru this for Cinnamon…  😉

OK…Part 3 is up next.