I live 7-miles from Old Town. How remote is Old Town, Florida? Well, it’s in Dixie County, Florida. Too remote for most Cable, Fiber, Wireless, and etc. providers of Phone & Internet to focus on, i.e. no small ‘human herds‘ in or near Old Town. Probably some decent providers, at the two main intersections, along the main ‘n merged three Highways thru Dixie County – US 98/Alt 27/Hwy 19. Yeah, you only need ‘One‘ road thru Dixie County, because it gets even more remote as you head West outta Dixie ‘n towards Salem, Athena, and Perry. Gainesville, Florida is probably the closest small/medium sized ‘human herd‘ and it’s about 40-miles East of Old Town. They get really fast ‘n reliable TV, Phone & Internet there…lots of willing providers in Gainesville. Dixie County is sorta the Southern route into the Florida Panhandle, and then into the infamous Redneck Riviera. You can bet that the Redneck Riviera has great TV, Phone & Internet providers. Too big for humble hermit me… 😉

I have Verizon LTE Home Internet and it has been great up until about two-months ago. I could tell they were working on the signal or a signal, which usually works out better for me; however, about two-weeks ago the signal went from an Amber light on front of the router to a green light (which is supposed to be the best). The router also comes wid an Admin app – type into the address bar of the browser – and from there you have all kinds of stuff ‘n settings. The Network signal has gone from 2-3 Amber bars to 4 Green bars, which most everyone knows is better…supposedly.

  • 6/19/2022 Update: Speeds have been up this morning – 8:30 to 9:27. Here is the 2 Amber bars:

  • Was able to download a 3.32GB & 3.44GB iso’s in less than an hour. When I tried to do just one download earlier this morning, when there were 4 Green bars, it said between 5-hours and a day…!?!

I purchased the router ‘n opened a LTE Home Internet Verizon account around January of 2021. In April of same year I had to buy a 4G $19.99 Walmart flip-phone, because the battery on the old 3G $19.99 Walmart was going out, and no one was selling 3G flip-phones. The batteries were soldered in, so no replacing the battery. 3G phones had worked great for about 11-12 years here. The 4G didn’t work in this area until I finally found out about Wi-Fi Calling, and then finally figured out how to setup Wi-Fi Calling on this phone!?!

  • Now, the phone works without Wi-Fi Calling…it shows 3-4 bars now!?! 😕

Blogging is about to slow down ‘Here‘ along wid the…the basically old dial-up speeds going on right now. Took 55-minutes to download the 3.7 GB Regata OS the other morning (afternoon would’ve taken longer). Everything slows down wid slow internet speeds.

I just added my old Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot 890L back to my prepaid phone account:

It’s old, but works great still. Wanted to see if my LTE Home Internet Router was bad or if the internet signal was bad. It’s the internet signal, since the internet speeds are slow on the Jetpack also.

  • Note: Why does the same improved signal work great for the phone, but has ruined the internet speed?!? Same Router worked better than the phone for over a year, but now the phone works better.

Second reason I wanted to break it out was to get ready to drop the Verizon LTE Home Internet $60 a month account…it’s on its own account. Will give them a month to get it right…if the speeds ain’t back to 20-49 MB/s then I will close it, and go wid the Jetpack…again.

The prepaid phone plan is $25 a month for unlimited calls. The Jetpack’s $80 a month plan with 100GB of Internet data was lowered to $50 a month for being bundled wid the phone account…a special offer. The Jetpack’s $30 a month plan offered just 25GB of data and I had been using a monthly 69-75 GB’s of data on the unlimited LTE Home Internet account. Easy choice @ $20 more for 75GB more. Cost is $75 a month for phone ‘n Jetpack…plus $5 tax is $80. Phone ‘n LTE Home Router were a combined price of $90 a month wid taxes included.

Hopefully the internet speeds will get back up, and I can drop the Jetpack (LTE Home router is capable of faster speeds than the Jetpack). If the speeds don’t go back up, then it may be another year or two before I can find a decent internet provider out here. Not the first time I have had to wait for a good internet provider…still suks tho, but not enough to move into a ‘human herd‘ situation…so to speak whilst – 🙂

  • Elon Musk’s Starlink may be in this area, sometimes in 2023, and is looking like my first choice if Verizon doesn’t fix it.
  • Also, Windstream Kinetic is now being offered just 20-miles North of me, on the opposite side of the Suwannee River, but they are headed this way. I added myself to their “Notify” list yesterday.
  • Two options available now are: 1: Viasat – very very expensive for the service I want. 2: HughesNet – hope I never have to use them again. Both require a two-year contract, probably because they suk.

We shall see…