Part 4 was without internet, and I used an Ethernet internet connection for this test install on the ‘Antec Jr.‘ main Linux Test computer.

Clean Install With Internet

About the same as Part 4 was, but wid the Microsoft Account added in…plus a couple more options or choices this time. Takes a little longer this way…make sure its a non-busy internet time or it could cause problems if the internet keeps bogging down.

Installing with an internet connection goes something like this:

  1. Click the Install button.
  2. Installer asks for product key – click on the I don’t have a product key.
  3. Installer asks what version you have – I selected Windows 11 Pro.
  4. Check the License terms if they are acceptable to you.
  5. Upgrade or Custom install – select Custom: Install Windows only (Advanced).
  6. Where to install – select Target drive, then click Delete, and then click New – then Apply (Windows formats it the way it needs to automatically).
  7. Country – US for me.
  8. Keyboard layout – US for me.
  9. Checking for updates during this portion & it restarts.
  10. Name your device: Antec_Jr (named for Antec case)
  11. Setup for Personal use or School, Business, etc – I went wid Personal use.
  12. add Microsoft Account – sign in or create one, and then password for Microsoft Account.
  13. Choose Privacy Settings – there are 6 of them: Location = NO. Find my Device = NO. Send Diagnostic Data = NO. Inking & Typing data = NO. Tailored experience = NO. Advertising ID = NO.
  14. Customize your experience – 6 more choices: Entertainment, Gaming, School, Creativity, Business, Family. I selected Skip.

That’s it, then it checks for more updates whilst preparing the system, and it will soon boot into the new desktop. Fast ‘n easy, but not a fast as the without internet install in Part 4 was.

Will be posting this series on the Windows 11 page…

Looks like doing a Clean Install of Windows 11_Conclusion is up next…

to be continued