Did you know that you can sometimes hear a Lightning Strike coming? Sorta a weird ‘buzzing’ sound & then *BOOM*!!! Sorta like the ‘buzzing’ sound in The Terminator just before or as the Terminator (Arnold) starts to arrive. Not as dramatic tho…just a weird ‘buzzing’ sound outta nowhere & *BOOM*!!! I’ve only heard the ‘buzzing’ warnings when in the woods or a swamp.

Watching The Sopranos on DVD last night during a Florida Lightning Storm, one strike was close ‘n caused a sound from the computer area, and I noticed the Verizon Home Internet router’s light go out. TV didn’t even blink ‘n not even the clocks needed reset.

TV ‘n equipment ‘n super-duper surround sound system ‘n great soundbar wid sub were all connected to surge arresters connected to at least one more surge arrester and no problems wid any of that equipment. Fairly expensive surge arresters wid lots of Joules.

Two test computers were just connected to cheap surge arresters and they couldn’t be restarted. My favorite display also had a problem…seemed to be a small problem, since the display started up, but settings wouldn’t work ‘n it was saying to check the cable. Just tossed it in the garbage about an hour ago.

  • Did you know that growing Ganja is like a year long Drug Deal? (Well, 30-40 years ago it was illegal to grow Ganja in America.) Prep work, starting work, planting work, growing work, harvesting work, drying work, Seal-a-Meal work, and then the sales work. I’ve seen a lightning strike circling down a huge pine tree, then leap off the tree and hit an upside-down Jon-boat (on two huge 2-foot high wood blocks) that had a Pit Bull under it…chained to *THAT* pine tree just below where the lightning bolt jumped off ‘n onto the Jon-boat. ‘Lucky Louie’ immediately started spinning in circles…laying on one side…three legs sticking out like stiff boards ‘n that fourth hind leg a kicking…that hind leg kicking was causing him to go in circles. I rushed outta the hut and was immediately greeted by another close lightning strike…sorry, ‘Louie’, but you’re on your own at this point, as I ducked back into the hut.Lucky Louielived a long time, and I never again chained him to a pine tree.

Lost the ‘Antec Jr. & ‘CM130’ Linux test computers from the strike last night or the surge it possibly caused. Gutted the ‘Antec Jr.’ today…seemed the MoBo was done. The EVGA GeForce GTX 1660 XC GPU & 650 Watt power supply were fine so I moved those to the ‘Rose’ computer.

Was going to also move the Intel® Core™ i9-9900 Processor to ‘Rose’ but the Intel Core i7-8700 Desktop Processor is a great CPU (only a tad slower than the i9-990) ‘n not worth the effort to move it – especially if the i9-9900 is bad.

Was in the planning stage of dumping both the AMD computers – CM130& ‘DIYPC’ – but the Lightning Strike solved the issue for me now. Six desktops & two laptops are too much to keep up wid, and the Antec Jr.computer was getting too heavy to move around and/or work in.

Moved the LG 22” display to my main machine (‘Apevia’), and Rosegot the 24” ViewSonic® VG2439Smh. ‘Rose’ is also on a Mobile cart, and so is DIYPC’; however, DIYPCmay end up in the ‘CM130’s Cooler Master Elite 130 case once I gut it. That old Ryzen™ 5 3400G APU has been a fairly reliable processor…though it wouldn’t work wid my 43” Samsung TV as a computer for it. AMD’s always have problems…certainly not the best option for ‘Desktop Duty’. May just dump it before going to the trouble of cramming it into the Cooler Master 130.

Actually, the ASUS Prime A320M-K AMD Ryzen AM4 MoBo probably won’t fit the 130 case…that case is for Mini ITX. Yeah, no fit a Micro ATX in that case, and I’m done working wid the Small Form stuff also…that 130 will probably be gutted ‘n used for small storage and a corner shelf next to my desk.

Well, I’m worn out ‘n best get this posted before bed.

  • Oh, just remembered…thanks to incredibly slow internet right now, that wid one display now gone I also removed one of the Gas Spring Arm Adjustable Monitor Mount, which gives me back the right side of my desk! \o/ ’Hippity hip Hoorah’ \o/

Will update the Buy Low or BYOC – ‘Build Your Own Computer page…

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!