Looks like ‘Paper Bear‘ Putin’s legacy is going to be about how he exposed Russia’s many weaknesses to the entire World, reflecting what a totally incompetent leader he was, and especially since he didn’t even realize how weak Russia was!?!

Crimean Tatars dream of their homeland’s liberation as Ukraine strikes back in the south:

In August, Russia’s war against Ukraine returned to where it all started, to Crimea.

Starting with the attack on Saky airbase in Novofedorivka on Aug. 9 that destroyed around a dozen Russian fighter aircraft, military targets were hit on a regular basis on the peninsula over the next weeks.

In the days after the first strikes, huge queues of traffic were seen on the Crimean Bridge heading out of the occupied territory to Russia.

On the day of the Novofedorivka attack, Crimean Tatar historian Gulnara Abdulayeva called loved ones in a village less than four kilometers from the base.

“It was pure joy,” Abdulayeva, 43, told the Kyiv Independent. “They told me they were drinking celebratory coffee; for now, they still can’t be any more open than that.”

Cycles of subjugation

For Crimean Tatars, the numbers 1783, 1944, and 2014 are burned into their history, marking the years in which they fell victim to Russian colonialism.

In 1783, the Crimean Khanate was annexed by Russian empress Catherine II. In 1944, the entire population was deported to Central Asia on contrived grounds of collaboration with Germany. In 2014, Crimea was illegally annexed again by Russia, and the beginning of a new wave of repression of Crimean Tatar national identity began.

Unchanged methods

On the surface, Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 was a flawless success as the peninsula was taken with barely a single shot fired.

The reality on the ground was starkly different, however, as pro-Ukrainian Crimeans and Crimean Tatars had gathered in support of the EuroMaidan Revolution, facing off against pro-Russian groups who soon had the backing of the Russian military.

As was the case in the Soviet Union, the significance of Crimean Tatar history has been also systematically decimated by the Russian education system.

“Their methods haven’t changed at all, Abdulayeva said. “As soon as the school year started again in 2014, they released new textbooks, where Russia won the Crimean War, and where Crimean Tatars, even the Khanate, were barely mentioned at all.”

Paper Bear‘ Putin hasn’t changed ‘Colonial’ Russia’s template – “on contrived grounds of collaboration with Germany” – on how to colonize other sovereign countries…

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 8:

Ukrainian successes on the Kharkiv City-Izyum line are creating fissures within the Russian information space and eroding confidence in Russian command to a degree not seen since a failed Russian river crossing in mid-May.

The current tone and scale of Russian milblogger criticism echo the response to Russia’s loss of a large amount of armor in a failed Russian river crossing in Bilohorivka, Luhansk Oblast, in May.

The Russian MoD repeated its Bilohorivka information mistake by failing to acknowledge the situation around Kharkiv Oblast and establish a desired narrative, leaving milbloggers to fill this gap with criticism of Russian forces.

NATO is now bigger than it ever was – Thanks to ‘Paper Bear‘ Putin’s horrid leadership abilities!

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