Russia is retreating…again. How many Russian retreats since their unprovoked invasion of the sovereign Ukraine? At least three? By my count:

  1. First time was a massive retreat from Kyiv.
  2. Second time was their retreat from Snake Island.
  3. Third retreat is happening so fast that it involves at least “two areas” in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region.

Someone should write a song about…well, something like – ‘How many Retreats can Russia do in Seven months?‘ or ‘Z is for ZERO!

Russia announces troop pullback from Ukraine’s Kharkiv area:

Russia’s Defense Ministry announced Saturday that it’s pulling back troops from two areas in Ukraine’s eastern Kharkiv region where a Ukrainian counteroffensive has made significant advances in the past week.

The news came after days of apparent advances by Ukraine south of Kharkiv, the country’s second-largest city, in what could become the biggest battlefield success for Ukrainian forces since they thwarted a Russian attempt to seize the capital of Kyiv at the start of the nearly seven-month war.

Paper Bear‘ Putin should be arrested by the Russian people and tried for Treason. He has exposed Russia’s Military weaknesses to the entire World, by not realizing how weak his military was *BEFORE* he invaded Ukraine under false & totally contrived grounds.

Eugene Czolij: Russia’s ‘Z’ stands for zero

There was some speculation as to what the letter “Z” meant for the Kremlin, and why it became the symbol of Russia’s genocidal war against Ukraine.

Now, this “Z” clearly stands for the zero gained by Russia from its war against Ukraine.

OK..OK. The infamous ‘Z‘ can stand for many ‘Thangs, huh.

Prior to Russia’s full-scale military attack against Ukraine, the Kremlin’s disinformation propaganda forecasted that Ukraine would not be able to withstand Russia’s all-out war and would be defeated within a few days.

However, Russia’s initial strategic plans to quickly take over Kyiv, depose Ukraine’s democratically elected governing authorities and conquer the whole of Ukraine became a colossal fiasco, and Russia’s military troops have either walked away from the Kyiv region empty-handed or met their final destiny there.

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