I moved to the WordPress Business plan in April of last year, mainly because I hated the Block Editor, but also for a few other reasons.

One of the other reasons was my lack of knowledge on what Web hosting was/is about…as the infamous Rhett used to say – ‘Frankly, I don’t give a damn what Web hosting is, am just too busy blogging!‘ I had been wid WordPress for about 17-years at that time, and never really paid much attention to the other plans that WordPress offered. Heck, the Free plan worked great, IMHO!

Another reason was that I had started this Blog in January of 2019, and by 2020 I was already worrying if the 3GB Media Library was going to be big enough. I liked doing posts on Linux, but most required a lot of pics in order to get my points across. Just recently found out that I was worrying about naught, i.e., to this point I have only used 400MBs…minus some 70-80MBs I deleted in late 2019 or early 2020 because I was being a worrywart. 🙄

WordPress Business Plan

The Business Plan costs $300 a year, offered the Classic Editor plugin & 200GBs of storage space. They also tweaked it for me and other ‘Stuff‘ I didn’t bother to check. Rarely had any issues, but the ‘Live‘ support was almost instant.

Russia’s unprovoked Imperialistic invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine has me making advanced plans in case I need to make quick changes. That invasion mixed wid America’s idiotic Democratic party’s decision to stop drilling for our own oil has caused the price of gasoline to go way up. Democrats always ruin the economy, but Biden has been as bad or worse than Jimmy Carter was.

Linux is not a popular subject, mix that wid my growing lack of desire to review any archaic Linux OSes that are totally controlled by the Linux ‘Nanny (and those never-ending annoying “Authenticate” popups), and I have been doing fewer reviews.

Move ⬇️DOwn⬇️ or move to ➡️?

Part of all this planning probably includes moving down from the Business plan, which I don’t really need, and moving to the Personal or Premium plan. I just don’t see moving to another Web hosting service, but have been considering it anyway, as mentioned in Part 1 & Part 2 of this series.

Personal plan uses the Block Editor 🤢, offers me plenty of Storage Space @ 6GBs, but it does not offer video uploads. Tempting at just $48 a year.

Premium plan also uses the Block Editor 🤢(which I will use for this post, BTW), offers 13GBs of Storage Space, Basic Live Chat Support, Premium Themes, video uploads (don’t use it much but is handy for MNSKY’s posts here that can be copied in full to the Big Brother Report blog), and quite a bit of other ‘Stuff‘. It is $96 a year; however, the free Big Brother Report blog somehow gets to share whatever videos & pics that MNSKY (an Author on this blog & my political-side) uploads here for posts, and then copies those posts to the Big Brother Report blog.

Am also able to easily keep the primary https://linuxnewbiesince1996.wordpress.com/ site’s address in both those plans.

Blocks » Classic Block

I found Classic Block last night, and was testing it…well, testing it on another Free blog that I use for testing ‘Stuff‘, that is hidden because I never launched it. Anyway, for some reason that discovery made using the Block Editor a lot easier, for me, and using it as my starting point made the other options easier for me to move to and back from…so to speak. Will be using it for this post…

LibreOffice Writer

I write most all my WordPress blog posts wid LibreOffice Writer. Not as good as MS Word, but it is free wid no limits on how many computers you install it on, and it works better (for me anyway) for copying my posts to WordPress than MS Word does. I still use MS Word, but not for any blog posts…other than to have it check Writer’s spelling ‘n grammar reviews when I’m not sure.


OK…I’m ready to give the Block Editor another try!

  • And, yes, I have 3 Free WordPress blogs plus this paid one. The Swamp Hermit’s Report was moved to WordPress in 2004, did an excellent job on EARLY reporting of the China Virus hoax, that most everyone recognizes now as power grabs by Progressives & their Progressive governments. It is maintained, but left as a reminder of what Progressives are actually about.

Will add this post to the Web Hosting Info ‘n Ideas page, under October series…

Preview UPDATE: Looks OK in Preview…pain in the neck on Bullet List & Quotes tho. Will go ahead ‘n post 🤞😉

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