This 3-Part OBT (On-the Blog Training) comes to an end, as I find myself searching for a new Theme, and that search has already become a pain in the neck. Changing Web Hosts, even if doing so is just for Testing, always has some challenges involved wid that change.

Moved over from Blogger in May of 2004, to WordPress, and have had more than a few blogs wid WordPress since then. Took some time to adjust, but not a big adjustment since I wrote most of my posts in HTML back then (“Text” in the Classic Editor).

Blogging for $26.89 a year for 4-years

Years 2, 3 & 4 will require $9.99 more a year for Domain renewal each year. First year came free wid the 48 Months plan. $2.49 x 48 = $119.52 in advance, but I ran a Google search for a “hostinger coupon code 2022” ‘n went wid the tom’s guide offer:

I’ve read tom’s guide for decades, so settled on them, and that code lowered price from $119.52 to $107.57…not a lot, but basically paid for that 1-month Linux Test Site. When I delete that test site I may still be able to use the remaining year left on the $1.17 Domain name, for ‘That‘ test ‘n other tests.

Note that the “Product” is named WordPress Starter…

WordPress Starter vs Premium Shared

After some Rompin’ Stompin‘ around the hPanel ‘n new blog areas I was surprised to see:

Did I accidentally buy the wrong plan?!? I wanted the Premium Shared Hosting plan like I had tested on that 1-month plan…not some “Starter” plan.

Sent support this email, this morning:

Sent Nov 3, 2022 at 08:18 AM:

Are the WordPress Starter Hosting plan and the Premium Shared Hosting plan the same? I purchased the 48 Month Premium plan last night, but it shows “WordPress Starter Hosting” for My 1 month plans shows “Premium Shared Hosting” for the blog. Mainly want to make sure I got the right plan last night

They replied fairly quick:

Received reply on Nov 3 at 9:32 AM:

Yes, they are the same plan! The biggest difference is that on “WordPress Starter Hosting” the WordPress and some specific plugins come pre-installed, to help our clients start their journey on website creation! 😊

OK…great, they are the same plans!


Couldn’t get a hold of support last night, but I still thought that their support solved my questions pretty quickly. Support for my old WordPress $300 Business plan was almost instant, but it was ‘Live‘.

Am going nuts trying to find a theme…the Rowling theme doesn’t work over there like it does here on my other websites. There are some crazy themes out there! So far, most I can’t stand or they don’t have the settings I want. I’m on the Hostinger “Newspaperex” Theme right now, too busy for me, but not the busiest – Karmi’s Musings & Tech. 😉

Oh, the plan renews in 4-years, at $335.52 for another 4-years. That’s $6.99 a month or $83.88 a year, if you renew for 4-years ‘n pay in advance. Too far away for making plans now, and lots of testing to be done before then. 🙂

That’s about it for this series…will add this post along wid Part 1 & Part 2 to the Web Hosting Info ‘n Ideas page.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!