Couldn’t get the actual <!–more–> tag to show up wid the Block Editor or the Classic Editor in the Title, so went wid “HTML More” instead. 😉 As mentioned, recently, I have been doing some OBT (‘On-the Blog Training‘), and just came across another obstacle over at the Karmi’s Musings & Tech Hostinger Web Hosting OBT test site. Have spent a lot of time trying to find a new WP Theme to replace the Rowling Theme that I have used for a long time, on several blogs.

Thought about hiring a programmer or developer to do an edit wid the Theme Editor on the Rowling theme, but that was looking like another long search. I had been looking for a theme that offered 1-2 columns plus a right sidebar, offered the first pic of a post to show wid an Excerpt on the Front Page. Nightmare search involving hours of testing themes…make that many hours!

Multipurpose Blog WordPress Theme

Decided to try one of those premium WP Themes, and during that search I came across an advanced (too advanced for newbie me!) one that sounded good. The Multipurpose Blog ‘n it was free, but it wouldn’t show the first pic in the post, without setting a “Featured image” that are most always too big. However, that had a Pro version for $39.00WHAT!?! I’ve never paid for a WordPress theme since moving to WP in 2004…$39.00 – Ditto on the WHAT!?!

Whilst mulling it over, I saw they were offering 25% off on Premium themes if you used the “BLACKDEAL25” code. That lowered the price to $29.25 so I purchased that theme.

That included the Multipurpose Blog Pro, a Multipurpose Blog Pro Child Theme (topic for another post…maybe), and two Plugins that would make a blog look like This. Like I said – too advanced for newbie me! – but I was tired of theme searching, and really liked this one.


The Full text of the post was showing up on the Front Page!? Yes, the first pic also showed up, but I write some loooooooooog posts!?!

Started another search for “add Excerpt to wordpress posts,” and 10-20 variations of the search term. A few answers kept showing up, but they were the wrong answers for my question/s. Then at the end of one article, I saw this: How to Add Post Excerpts in WordPress Using the More Tag. Back around 2001-2005 I used to write all my posts in HTML, and the Ol’ <!–more–> tag was in everyone of my posts back then. Simple answer, that I had used often in the past, and it worked! Guess the themes I have used for the past 10+++ years always added the Excerpts automatically to the Front Page, so I was not as familiar wid the newer More block, More Tag button, Read More block, etc.


\o/ ‘Hippity hip Hoorah‘ \o/ for the Ol’ <!–more–> tag!!! 😉

Will add this post to the Web Hosting Info ‘n Ideas page…

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