Am ‘reblogging‘ this from my new Hostinger Self-Hosted Karmi’s Musings & Tech blog. No reblog button there ‘n I may have to create one, if I want one. 😉 Seems like I have been tweaking that blog for months, but it was started on 11/2/2022, so I have actually accomplished more than realized. Will get back to some reviews here, at some point

WP Categories Widget: Customizing WordPress Themes w/ sidebar Dropdown menus:

I have recently started this Self-Hosted WordPress blog at Hostinger, and my longtime favorite Rowling them just didn’t work right there. The Rowling theme works great on 3 blogs, but for some reason it was missing some dropdown menus, and some important custom settings not available for the same version when downloaded for my Self-Hosted WordPress blog.

Searched lots of free themes, but none were offering what I was looking for, and I then decided to check out some premium themes. At some point during that premium theme search I came across the Multipurpose Blog theme ‘s free version, loved the look, but it was missing some things, IMHO. However, liked it well enough to check out their Multipurpose Blog Pro, and wid a coupon code they were offering it was only $29.25.

It was missing some dropdown menu widgets that I like, so another search began, this time for dropdown plugins/widgets…