Finally giving a “smartphone” a test…reblogged the Jitterbug® Smart3 Smartphone for Seniors: Time to “Bite the Bullet” and Toss the Flip Phone? post:

Once had an ASUS MeMO Pad 10″ Android tablet ‘n hated that ‘Thang. Have stayed away from “smartphones” because that Android tablet was such a pain to use ‘n move around in. The flip phones weren’t much better, i.e., even adding contacts were a pain…probably because I never figured out how to use that durn keypad. How to enter a space? How to use all caps? Needed to leave the phone’s guide open any time I needed to add something. For some reason, I had thought a “smartphone” would be even worse!?

Build my own computers ‘n test all kinds of Linux OSes, but cell phones have baffled me for years!?! However, all that phone baffling ended last week. I do a lot of searching ‘n researching over the internet, and at one point last week I came across some “smartphone” marked down from $149.99 to $74.99, but the price wasn’t what caught my eye, it was the phone’s screen: