Linux Newbie becomes a ‘Hub‘ Extension of my new Karmi’s Musings & Tech Self-Hosted WordPress primary blog (hosted @ Hostinger). BTW, The Swamp Hermit’s Report is now also a ‘Hub‘ Extension of Karmi’s Musings & Tech, which was just started on 11/03/2022, but seems like many months ago!?!

  • Yes, there are all kinds of hubs. There are also all kinds of hub extensions.

  • There is also a Content Hub Power Extension.

  • Ditto on ‘Da Yes, and there are all kinds of hub extensions. 😁

Trying to figure out how to ‘Incorporate‘ those two other Blogs has been difficult!?! One is about Linux, the other is about Politics, but neither of those are what Karmi’s Musings & Tech is really about, but both are topics that I like.

Linux Newbie ‘n Swamp Hermit’s blogs are both @, but Newbie has the Domain that I’m hoping to keep. Anyway, my plan is to end up wid two Free WordPress blogs as ‘Hub‘ extensions controlled from my Self-Hosted WordPress primary blog…sorta!? 🤔

Tux is helping me put ‘Thangs together, in a sorta ‘Surgical‘ way…

Major Linux points & major Political points will still go up first @ the Karmi’s Musings & Tech primary blog, but updated posts on something like SparkyLinux 2022.12 will go here on Newbie in possibly a brief review ‘n news form…we’ll seeeeeeeeee. 😉

Will add this post to the Progressions of the Linux Newbie Blog page.

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!