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Porteus Linux

With recent move to #1a on the Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distros page it is time that Porteus Linux has its own page.


8/10/2022: Vanilla‘ Arch Linux Cinnamon vs Porteus 5.0 Linux Cinnamon – Attn: Windows 11 & Windows 10 users

8/6/2022: Linux as a ‘Companion OS‘ to Windows 11 – focusing on stable, portable, fast, lightweight, and ‘Passwordless‘ Porteus-v5.0 & Sparky 7.0 Linux OSes

Special July 2022 series:

A lot has happened since my first 3/31/2022 post on Porteus Linux. I’ve gained lots of knowledge, and Porteus v5.0 just came out on 7/4/2022. Lots of great pics in those older posts, but also some not-so-easy methods were used ‘n written by me on ‘How To‘ do ‘Thangs. Check them out as needed, but this series is going to offer a more reliable method for installing ‘n using Porteus v5.0…IMHO. 😉


Older Info – great pics, but many methods have been updated:

5/14/2022: Converted $314.57 Chromebook *UPDATE* – ‘YUMI UEFI & Porteus Linux & Modules‘

4/10/2022: Porteus 5.0-rc3 CINNAMON – ‘Install LibreOffice 7.3.2 w/ Help from Porteus Forum‘

4/6/2022: Porteus 5.0-rc3 CINNAMON – plus ApplmageHub: no normal Linux *BLOAT* – it’s Light ‘n Fast ‘n my new #1 ‘Linux Tester‘ OS!

4/3/2022: Porteus CINNAMON v4.0: Fulltime Root user option + great ‘Companion OS‘ for Win 10/11 & Linux Testing – ‘Special *PURPOSE* Linuxes‘

3/31/2022: Porteus 5.0-rc3: Install to USB + create a savefile.dat container + add Firefox – ‘Special *PURPOSE* Linuxes‘