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Karmi’s Top 10++ Linux Distros

Top 10

Tier One

1a. Porteus 5.0 Cinnamon – 7/14/2022: Porteus keeps getting better! #1 in ‘Portability & Linux Tester‘ category. Main Linux working OS for me. ‘Companion‘ OS for Win10/11 & for Linux tests. Also see Porteus Linux page for more info. Fulltime Linux Root User option!

1b. Fedora 36 Cinnamon SPIN – 5/10/2022: the GUI dnfdragora package manager has been *VASTLY* improved ‘n I have never seen it operating this fast! Check out the ‘Life wid‘ Fedora page.

Tier Two

2a. SparkyLinux 6.3 & 7 Cinnamon – 6/5/2022 See Sparky Linux 7 Cinnamon post. 6/1/2022 See 3-Part series: 123.

2b. Nobara Linux 36 – 9/19/2022: ‘New modified version of Fedora Linux, for normal point & click users, and tailored for gaming, streaming, and content creation experience out of the box.

2c. Manjaro Linux KDE Plasma 22.1.0 – “Plasma is a Desktop” – 4/24/2023: Moving Manjaro KDE Plasma up. It has been stable thru several versions.

Tier Three

3a. Ultramarine Linux: Based on Fedora® – 5/21/2022: New to the Top 10, but may have a long future in it. More of a ‘Linux Working OS‘, but wid lots of power behind it. Great prospect for potential Windows users, providing both ease of use & a portable secondary OS.

3b. FossaPup64 9.5 (AKA Puppy Linux 9.5) – 4/6/2022: #1 in ‘Portability & Rescue’ category. No ‘Pesky Passwords‘ in Puppy! If Puppy ever added a Cinnamon Desktop Environment (DE) it would probably be #1 in the Desktop Duty category ‘n #1 in the Portability & Rescue category, i.e. I probably wouldn’t need a Top 10 list!

3c. Slackware 15.0 Stable w/ KDE Plasma – 2/9/2022: Terminal work involved, but a wonderful Linux OS to work wid.

3d. EuroLinux Desktop 9.0 – 9/24/2022: ‘NEW – EuroLinux Desktop, or Enterprise Linux for Windows users‘. Incredible GNOME desktop!

Tier Four

4. AlmaLinux 8.6: ‘NVIDIA driver & KDE Plasma DE– 5/20/2022: #1 in ‘Desktop Duty‘ category. Everything works in ‘Root‘ section, including all system sounds. No ‘Pesky Passwords‘. What all Linux ‘Root‘ user sections should be like…

5. CentOS Stream 8 KDE Plasma – 1/30/2022: Took some time, but everything works at this time.

6. Vanilla‘ Arch Linux Cinnamon – 10/6/2022: reasons are covered in this POST.

Tier Five

7. KaOS 2022.06: perfect ‘KDE Plasma Trainer‘ for interested Linux users & a great little Linux OS for potential Windows users : 6/25/2022 Update – Stays is same position, but a new review. Old section: KaOS Linux 2022.02 – great ‘KDE Plasma TrainerPt. 1 & Pt. 2.

8. PCLinuxOS 2022 – KDE Plasma: ‘Radically Simple‘ & ‘So cool ice cubes are jealous‘: added 7/25/2022.



Not to bad:

11. Regata OS 21 KDE Plasma – 7/18/2022: Office Suite issues, but ‘Ready for those who love to play‘ w/ features like Regata OS Game Access + GameMode and FSR – *Attn* Gamers!

12. Mageia – enchantment, fascination, glamour, wizardry‘ & smooth Distro with Root user option.

13. Garuda Linux KDE Dr460nized: Released on 26 March 2020, but it keeps getting better! See the Garuda Linux page for more info. 10/19/2022 UPDATE: not really suited for root user…have dropped it from Top 10.



16. Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix: Password Dependent OS; however, Ubuntu-based for user-friendly & reliability & stableness‘ 4/30/2022 — excellent hardware recognition, e.g. it recognized my printer and my Ubuntu driver worked.