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Linux ‘n USB Flash Drives

Some USB Flash Drives are apparently not compatible with the ext4 filesystem, and I have found such incompatibility to produce some of these results: 1) trying to format the drive to an ext4 partition may be noticeably slower, 2) the ext4 formatting is taking so long that you abort the task, 3) unknown cause error message warns of a problem, 4) installation of a full Linux Distro onto a USB Flash Drive may take over an hour, or may fail during process, or won’t boot after installation. It’s not usually the Distro’s fault if it can easily work with Fat32 and/or NTFS file systems, but seems to have problems with ext4. However, ADATA Flash Drives that I have used seem to act ‘weird‘ (problematic?) when working in Linux, no matter what the format partition is. USB Flash Drives can also go bad, so I look for multiple filesystem problems, and/or try to run a performance test on it. For ‘Live’ USB testing, which is generally on a Fat32 partition, most drives seem to work. Basically, this Page will be about installing a Linux Distro to a USB Flash Drive – which is not the same as creating a ‘Live’ USB for testing.

Linux ‘n USB Flash Drives – ‘All USB Flash Drives are not Created Equal’


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