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LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!

*Linux Security Issues*

For some reason, someone has been ‘Leaking‘ security issues involving Linux – primarily Linux Servers recently; however, if Linux Servers are having security issues with malware, viruses, Trojans, etc. then the Linux Desktop Distros are certainly vulnerable also. Thusly, I am creating this new Linux Security Issues page. Also, too many Linux security issues are showing up to spend time on posting about each one, so I’m going to try just linking to the articles here at the top, and will add any full posts on the subject/s just below this section.


9/11/2022: Old Computers are a *SERIOUS* Security Risk in an age of increasing digital information vulnerability – ‘Would you fly in an aircraft that was three years past its maintenance cycle?

8/20/2022: Thinking about installing Linux on your Old Intel Computer? ‘Forget it!!!’

8/20/2022: PyPI packages caught dropping Linux cryptominers’ – Microsoft *WARNED* Linux earlier of “Cryptomining Malware Campaign” against Linux

7/23/2022: Lightning Framework‘ – another “previously undetected malware” that *Targets* Linux systems

5/9/2022: Passwordless: Attention Linux Developers & users – ‘The Future of Authentication‘

3/16/2022: ‘Linux (In)security‘ — Linux *IS* less secure than ‘Windows 10, macOS and ChromeOS‘ — *Linux Security Issues*

1/31/2022: Linux Malware sees *HUGE* Growth since 2010

1/30/2022: ‘Linux Root Vulnerability Undetected for 12 Years‘?!?

1/9/2022: Lessons from Log4j – “Open Source” is Broken – *WHAT*!?!?!?!

1/6/2022: Linux Kernel is a “code mess” ‘n loaded down w/ Bloat ‘n *CRUFT* – ‘That’s probably why your Linux computer seems slow & keeps breaking down

6/3/2021: Linux & Open Source Software – ‘Stale Open Source Code Rampant‘

5/20/2021: Linux needs *SECURITY* help…again! ‘Microsoft Security to the Rescue!’


New Series:

May 2, 2021: The Linux Foundation – Linux Kernel ‘n Linux ‘n OSS exposed as *MAJOR* Security Risks…again!’ – Part 4

May 1, 2021: The Linux Foundation – Linux Prima Donnas claim Unethical Human Experimentation conducted on them’ – Part 3

April 30, 2021: 2) The Linux Foundation – was the banning by Linux Prima Donnas an act of Racism?’ – Part 2

April 30, 2021: 1) – The Linux Foundation – Prima Donnas promoting Linux Lies ‘n Password Dependent users’ – Part 1


March 13, 2021
Linux is now a 100% *UNSECURE* Operating System – ‘Threat Groups *ATTACK* daily with ease!’ – Not even the Linux kernel is secure anymore…

January 31, 2021
New Linux SUDO flaw lets local users gain root privilegesLinux is the most insecure OS in the history of OSes, even with possibly the smallest Desktop user base in the history of OSes. Do a Google search for something like “Linux security issues” ‘n see for yourself.

January 18, 2021
Linux Mint fixes screensaver bypass discovered by two kids – (like I’ve been saying – Linux has Serious Security Issues ‘n their “Authenticate” popup or other ‘Pesky Passwords’ are *NOT* secure at all!!!)

November 15, 2020
Linux “weakness” is *SECURITY* – ‘DNS cache Poisoning Attacks’

November 8, 2020
Gitpaste-12 Worm Targets Linux – *MORE* Linux Security Issues

October 31, 2020
Death of Windows OS ‘n the PC? – Nah, just more ‘Year of the Linux Desktop’ fantasizing

September 01, 2020
Lucifer Malware Targeting LinuxThe Linux version of Lucifer is far more potent than its Windows counterpart.

August 18, 2020
FBI and NSA expose new Linux malware Drovorub, used by Russian state hackers

July 12, 2020
Microsoft helping Linux to protect itself from Malware ‘n Malicious software…again!

July 11, 2020
Linux user? Use a router? Ever checked router’s firmware?

June 24, 2020
‘Microsoft is giving Linux a significant security update‘

June 3, 2020
Linux lacks Security – ‘dawdling with WSL 2’ Part 2 of WSL 2

June 1, 2020
Linux lacks Security – ‘Microsoft creates Azure Sphere OS’ Part 1 of WSL 2


March 18, 2020
Linux Kernel isn’t Alone – ‘Open Source Vulnerabilities Rampant in Popular Projects’


Vulnerability Series:

March 10, 2020 part 1 – Linux Kernel – ‘Portrait in Vulnerabilities’
March 11, 2020 part 2 – Linux or Windows 10 – ‘Which is Most Vulnerable? Which is More Secure?’
March 13, 2020 part 3: Linux – ‘Data Breach Vulnerability & other Technical Vulnerabilities’


March 8, 2020
Linux based OSes “PPP daemon” *Vulnerability* – ‘tracked as CVE-2020-8597’


March 1, 2020
Linux & Malicious Code – ‘Lord ha’ Mercy ‘n Hold yore Penguins!!!’


February 29, 2020
Linux is a *TARGET* for Malware


February 28, 2020
Microsoft helping Linux to understand the ‘Fileless Attacks on Linux’


February 27, 2020
Linux, Linux Kernel & Linux Servers vs ‘Cloud Snooper malware’


February 26, 2020
Microsoft helping Linux with Security – ‘Microsoft Defender ATP for Linux’


January 6, 2020
VPN hijacking on Linux – ‘another Linux vulnerability surfaces’


December 9, 2019
Total Internet Security – ‘Is it Possible?’