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Linux Newbie - since 1996

LINUX IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES – you never know what you’re gonna get!

Progressions of the Linux Newbie Blog

Here is the progressions list of the Linux Newbie blog:


UPDATE: January 6, 2021 – First post was on January 6, 2019 as ‘dis Third year Begins!

UPDATE: October 21, 2020 – New Category: Root User. Limited amount of Linux Distros that offer a stable Fulltime Root User option will probably make this just a brief directional change, tho I do find the subject extremely interesting!  How to become a Fulltime Linux Root User

UPDATE: August 16, 2020 – Brief update involving Linux hardware issues ‘n the Ebb ‘n Flow of this blog over the past 19 months.

UPDATE: May 13, 2020 – No big update here…just removed some old Pages & reshifted the others to reflect minor focus changes.

UPDATE: February 20, 2020 – Progressions of the Linux Newbie Blog – ‘One Year Update’


Note: Have copied the Progressions of the Linux Newbie Blog post to this new Page.


When I began this blog I had ‘High Hopes’ for the desktop future of Linux, but at that time I also had no real concept of the Linux Fragmentation problem that had been happening for a long time. After almost 9 months of steady research and experimenting, I now fully understand why I had remained a ‘Linux Newbie’ for some 23 years, and such a finding is very disappointing. Almost wished I had never started this blog and had just remained a blissful Linux Newbie, forever; however, at the time pre-9 months ago, I was finding that Ubuntu Linux had conquered many of the previous hardware problems I had seen over the past 23 years and that even other Distros were doing about the same. Hardware recognition was a big obstacle for Linux to overcome, and I was excited for the desktop prospects of Linux. Still, after almost 28 years of working on Linux, they haven’t mastered the basic Wheel Mouse, many Distros have wireless connection problems, and many more have printer problems or USB Dock problems, or etc hardware recognition problems, i.e. *STILL* after 28 years! Why is that? ‘Think Fragmentation’ problems, and I will get to that shortly.

Yes, I made more than my share of bad reviews over these past 9 months, but I was on a personal mission, and didn’t really care which Linux Distro I offended. Do regret giving MX Linux so many high marks in the beginning – even gave that overrated Distro its own Page. I stand by the #1 and #2 on the Karmi’s Top 10 Linux Distro Page – the others are there to fill in the other eight spots, basically…tho I do really like Zorin OS in that #3 spot. Karmi’s Top 3-5 Linux Distros for Windows Newbies probably needs to have Ubuntu 18.04.3 in that #1 spot.

Speaking of offending Linux Distros, I may have been the first to discover that there are actually over 2000+++ Linux Distros to offend. I kept seeing the “over 600 Linux Distros” being written and/or talked about, but as my research grew that “600” number seemed very low compared to what I was finding…so to speak. I’m sure there are waaaaaaaaaay over 2000 Linux Distros, but I started losing count whilst trying to figure out the fragmentation in different Distro terminology and/or description fragmentation of apps (i.e. the same basic app may have well over 500 names for it). Fragmentation in Linux isn’t restricted or limited – it is *INFINITE* in its growth, *INFINITE* in its span, *INFINITE* in its direction, *INFINITE* in its terminology…in fact, the word “infinite” fails to accurately describe the Fragmentation to/of/in Linux…simple as that.

There is a Part IV progression coming … I just don’t know what it is going to be about yet. Did decide to write this post, which will become a Page on the progressions of this blog. Heck, this is probably Part IV now, and I just don’t know it yet. Will certainly continue the focus on potential Windows 7 users, offering suggestions & info on what I do know about Linux & Windows 10, whilst also leaving the door open to any WIN10 users who might be interested in testing Linux. Probably need to cut back on the ‘Building a Computer’ posts, since those can get expensive…tho very much fun! Probably create more Pages, in an attempt to bring some of my scattered attempts into a more focused area. By far, the Kodachi Linux Page, and the Kodachi Linux posts have been the most read by visitors. Visitors come from many different nations – e.g. today, visitors from Japan, Canada, Italy, Germany, Russia, and 1 visitor from the United States. I am an American, and for whatever reason, was a little surprised by the steady growth of Foreign Visitors to this blog…basically no growth in United States visitors. Google Translate WP app has definitely helped the foreign visitor growth since it was recently added.

I recently reopened Comments, Like Button and Reblog Button…tho many posts will not have Comments opened – an option that WordPress provides. It’s not meant to be a social or voice your opinion blog – more of an OS blog focusing on Ubuntu and Windows 10 first, and then posting on some of ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ Linux Distros.