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Web Hosting Info ‘n Ideas

  • Just recently upgraded my blog (on 4/07/2021)…which allowed me to deactivate the Gutenberg editor and install the Classic Editor plugin. Attempting to decipher the overwhelming amount of information on Web hosting services was…was overwhelming for me. Have been blogging for +-20 years (17 years at, but I had planned on staying with Free plans only. Am certainly a novice on the idea of Hosting a blog and/or having one Hosted, and will sorta ‘document‘ my discoveries ‘n such as I move forward. Am about to start a Foundation Post for this WP Page, and it will stay on top as others move down…


Foundation Post: Web Hosting – what’s involved in moving or upgrading yore Blog ‘n Plan?


OBT (‘On-the Blog Training‘):

11/5/2022: The Ol’ HTML More tag vs the new More block, More Tag button, Read More block, etc. & WordPress Themes: OBT (‘On-the Blog Training‘)


October 2022:

10/28/2022: Have downgraded from Business Plan to Premium plan – ‘some of the “content is in the queue”

April 2021:

4/14/2021: Web Hosting – Day 7 ‘n Stickin’ wid

4/11/2021: Web Hosting – Day 4 ‘n learning a lot, but still a novice!

4/07/2021: Logo ‘n pic ‘n Hosting changes – *UPDATED*

4/04/2021: ‘n ‘n Web Hosting ‘n DreamHost – How to Disable Gutenberg and Keep the Classic Editor in WordPress